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A strange dog change – 5 strategies to make it right

Has your dog as a family member? If so, it is important that pay attention to the important tips to ensure travel preparations abroad with your pet. Although it is difficult to look at pets many parts of the world, do not stick with the established guidelines and the guidelines can change the experience into a nightmare.

To relieve the stress of the trip abroad a pet, we have compiled a summary of our top five strategies for safe and effective dog travel:

A strange dog change

A strange dog change

Contact with the nearest consulate – (as embassies in Washington, Deb C) While local #) consulates are primarily foreigners living in the US to help these consulates provide wealth details of laws and regulations, regulations and procedures of the country. Use your own knowledge through the actual consular services to call their own area and ask exactly what the restrictions and guidelines can take your dog to take in your own country.
Make your own travel plans early – probably because travel to the airline, it is important that you do as soon as possible travel arrangements own fist. Some airlines do not consider animals as travel luggage or goods, and others only a number of places reserved. The sooner you book more. Note that most airlines will not allow pets as hand luggage on transatlantic flights. In addition, travel embargoes can be found on many airlines during the summer weeks.

Have a lot of research on the internet – Fortunately, you’re not the first person to have done this! With true wealth associated with information obtained from online discussion forums, forums and other websites your answering questions will be answered to Travel Tier.
Confirm, while the airline is valuable with – so satisfaction is, and therefore recommends to confirm the flight of your own seven-day pet within 48 hours before the flight.
Find a new veterinarian before you go – make sure to find a veterinarian in your new country before you decide to leave. So if your dog is hurt by any means during the trip, that you know where to check or.
The largest advice trained on pet travel process. Every time you connect the problem with a travel consultant dog. These consultants are often expensive, but able to provide information that would otherwise be difficult to locate

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