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The 11 Best Anti-Barking Dog Voice Devices (Review)

December 9, 2019
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The 11 Best Anti-Barking Dog Voice Devices (Review)

Barking is an instinct of any dog of all breeds. No matter what dog breed you are the owner of, or how old your pet is, there is always a chance it will be barking. And some of the breeds have loud barking, quickly echoing throughout the room. To be able to experience less noise, there are dog bark control devices.
These are an efficient way of controlling your dog’s barking, using safe ultrasonic technology. You can stop your selection on the device that is most convenient for your canine as there is a wide variety of anti-barking methods.

Anti-Barking Dog Voice Devices

Voice anti-barking device for dogs: Modus

  • Safe for both pets and their owners
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Wide control range
  • Price

This ultrasonic bark control device allows the owners to control the bad behavior of their pets, as well as barking. It is suitable for all dog breeds of all sizes and genders. The device is absolutely safe for your dog as it uses ultrasonic technology frequencies at 25 kHz. The sound is inaudible to humans but affects the behavior of your canine. It comes with a wrist strap that can be easily adjusted. The device also includes four batteries; the owner changes when the LED light is red.

Anti-Barking Dog Voice Devices
Anti-Barking Dog Voice Device

Modus bark control device is used for house-training indoors as well as outdoors to avoid unwanted barking so that your pet behave well in public.

This control device is portable, and it can be easily put into your pocket if you are planning on going for a walk with your canine. You can easily correct the process of regular training as well as the behavior of the pet without causing any harm.

Stop Barking Dog Device: Modus Ultra

  • Powered by four batteries, those are already included
  • Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Successfully combines efficient dog training and stops barking as well as any unwanted behavior of your pet
  • Manual control

The device comes with an anti-static strap as well as batteries that allow the owner to use it outdoors. It successfully controls the behavior of your pet, allowing avoiding any unwanted barking, fighting, eating forbidden food, and so on.

The ultrasonic anti-barking device works on a higher frequency that cannot be heard by a human but is audible for dogs. The device features a LED indicator that is on when the owner is using it. It also informs when the batteries are low. The device is turned on and emits ultrasonic sound once you have pressed the button.

The device is very efficient in controlling the behavior of any dog. Yet, it is a safe option for your dog. Not depending on the dog breed and the size of your canine, ultrasonic anti-barking device perfectly works, both indoors and outdoors. The sound it emits affects neither dogs nor humans.

Dog Barking Stopper: Doggie Don’t

  • Can be used for personal protection of you and your dog when hiking or walking
  • Comes with replaceable batteries
  • Allows training and shaping the behavior of your canine from a young age without any harm
  • Both dogs and humans can easily hear the sound it emits

The bark control device allows the owner to control the behavior of its canine from a young age without causing any harm. It produces the sound of 100 decibels that distract the pet from doing unwanted things, fighting, barking, etc. Notice that the buzz is deafening to be heard by both dogs and humans. It can also be used for protection from other unwanted dogs, or personal protection.

It is effective on multiple dog breeds, and many other animals, too.

The device is very easy to use in different conditions due to batteries that allow the owner to use it freely for a long period. It comes with a wrist strap to carry in your hand. Make sure to smartly combine the training process by using this anti-bark control device to shape the behavior of your dog correctly.

Dog Anti Barking Vibration Collars

Dog Bark Collar: DogRook

  • Easily customizable
  • Adjustable for all sizes and all dog breeds
  • Safe no-shock method to prevent your pet from barking
  • If the charge of the battery is low, it will not be enough to emit the sound or vibrate

The anti-barking collar comes with two batteries so that you can use it immediately. You can shape the behavior of your pet without causing any harm. How does the collar work? It features seven levels of sensitivity. Whenever your pet barks, the device beeps and vibrates. You do not have to take participate in controlling the behavior of your pet due to an automatic system.

Dog Anti Barking Vibration Collars
Dog Anti Barking Vibration Collar

The device also features hibernation mode that is enabled as soon as the collar vibrates seven times in a row. There is a red LED light informing the owner that the hibernation mode is currently on.

Bark Collar for Dogs: Authen

  • Multiple modes and features allow the owner to avoid constant dog barking and shape the behavior of the pet effortlessly
  • The intelligent system does not allow activating the collar when other dogs are barking nearby
  • Integrated with a rechargeable battery
  • Features static shock-no shock mode, which may not be welcomed by particular owners

The barking control device is integrated with a rechargeable battery that can be charged using the USB cable. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the battery, which allows using the collar within twelve days regularly.

The collar is suitable for dogs of all sizes and easily customizable. As for safety features, it has a reflective tape made of nylon to use the collar in the night. It has two training modes with five sensitivity levels.

Spray Dog Bark Collar: WwvvPet

  • The spray can be refilled effortlessly
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Features LED light indication
  • The spray is not included and must be purchased separately
  • Not to be worn for longer than twelve hours as it can cause skin irritation

The collar allows using citronella spray to prevent your pet from barking when it is unnecessary. You can buy it separately, for approximately ten dollars. After the full refill, it provides around thirty sprays. Afterward, it can be refilled again effortlessly.

In comparison to previous devices, this one may not be suitable for dogs prone to allergies. Avoid constant contact with the dog’s skin to prevent it from irritations.

Anti Barking Static Systems

Dog Barking Control Device: Yyang

  • Safe for both dogs and humans
  • Filters out false triggers
  • Uses ultrasound to calm your dog that cannot be heard by humans
  • Requires installation nearby the power socket to be charged

The device must be installed on the wall. Make sure to locate it near the power socket to be able to charge it by simply plugging in the socket. The dog barking control device is for indoor use only. It ought to be installed in the area where dogs are actively running, playing, and barking. If your pet has a kennel, make sure to place it approximately two meters away from it.

Anti Barking Static Systems
Anti Barking Static System

The device features the power indicator that informs the owner it ought to be charged. Another sign is on when the device emits the ultrasound.

Bark Control Device: Yyang Ultrasonic

  • A wide range of functioning; up to 50 feet
  • Emits harmless sound that is inaudible to humans
  • LED light indicator informs the owner that the battery ought to be changed
  • For outdoors use only

This anti-barking device is perfect for using outdoors to prevent your dog from constantly barking outside. It is specifically designed to be hung on a tree, fence post, or even a wall, hanging rope is already included. The device emits an ultrasound to control the barking of your dog. The sound is absolutely harmless but very effective for training your dog.

It works with an inserted battery. LED light indicator is enabled when the battery is low on charge and needs to be changed. Notice that it will not work on deaf dogs.

Outdoor Anti Barking System: Hyzxk

  • Features three ultrasonic volume levels that can be adjusted by the owner manually
  • For both outdoors and indoors usage
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and canines of all sizes
  • The battery is not included

Ultpeak anti-barking devices can be used both indoors and outdoors. Due to high-quality, durable materials, it is waterproof, suitable for any weather conditions. It features three high volume levels, allowing emitting the sound up to 50 feet range.

Simple design in the shape of a mini house allows the owner to hang the device on the trees and walls. It ought to be installed facing the area where your pet spends most of its time. Works on a battery, the two-colored indicator shows whether it is necessary to insert a new one or not.

Dog Barking Control Device: Sonic Dog

  • Designed to be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Works and eliminates barking up to 50 feet range
  • The inserted sensitive microphone picks up the barking of your dog only
  • The battery is not included

The barking control devices work on a battery that needs to be bought separately. It also features an LED indicator that reveals whenever the battery needs to be changed with the new one. The device has four ultrasonic sound levels that can be easily adjusted manually, depending on how far your dog spends the time from the device.

Due to convenient design, the barking control device is used both indoors and outdoors effortlessly. It emits an ultrasonic sound that is considered absolutely safe for your pet and cannot be heard by human ears.

Dog Barking Control Device: Petsonik

  • Made of high-quality, durable materials providing long-term use under any weather conditions
  • Far range of producing ultrasonic sound
  • Suitable for dogs of different sizes and different dog breeds
  • It is not recommended to use the device indoors

The bark control device is designed to be used outdoors (preferably). Due to the sensitive microphone, it picks up the barking of your dog only and emits the ultrasonic sound afterward. The light-weight version of the device allows effortless installation at the most convenient place for the owner.

The light indicator reveals the battery indication. The red light is also enabled when the device emits the ultrasonic sound to calm your dog. It is absolutely safe for your pet and does not any harm either to dogs or to humans.

Types of Anti Barking Devices

Vibration and harmless shock anti-barking devices

  • Successfully filters unrelated sounds to prevent false and unnecessary triggering
  • In most cases contains a battery easily rechargeable with USB
  • It is made of waterproof and durable materials
  • May not be welcomed by many dog owners

In comparison to other barking control devices, vibration and harmless shock ones may not be preferable by a particular number of owners, and rightly so. However, such devices, often created as collars, are considered harmless. It usually features two modes, non-shock and shock mode.

Types of Anti Barking Devices
Dog barking

Once the dog barks, it activates the collar, it beeps and vibrates. However, if your pet keeps barking continuously, the device will enable shock mode activating it immediately after vibration. It can be used for two weeks after being fully charged.

Citronella Dog collars

  • The collar is waterproof and easily rechargeable
  • LED light indication usually reveals whether it is necessary to charge the battery
  • Adjustable effortlessly
  • Not recommended to be worn if your pet is prone to different allergies

Citronella anti-barking dog collars are considered the safest option for shaping the behavior of your canine. You can spray citronella spray whenever your dog acts disobediently. Citronella is an essential oil obtained from lemongrass, and thus, if the pet is prone to allergies, this option is not convenient for you.

On the other hand, citronella dog collars are very easy to refill without putting any effort. Such collars are easily rechargeable but are not recommended to be worn for longer than twelve hours.

Ultrasonic Control Devices

  • Allows the owner to shape the behavior of the dog without causing any harm
  • Suitable for all dog breeds and all dog sizes
  • Portable
  • Manual usage only

Ultrasonic control devices are usually portable and come with a convenient wrist strap to be carried with you. In comparison to other types of anti-barking control devices, ultrasonic units are safer for your dog. They produce the sound that can be heard by dogs only, without causing any harm, yet preventing them from unnecessary barking and disobedient behavior.

They come with batteries providing reliable long-term use. The LED light indicator reveals when an ultrasonic sound is emitted. It also informs the owner about low power mode.


Manufacturers claim that all the types of anti-barking control collars and different devices do not do any harm to the pets. However, depending on your personal preferences and how much your dog is affected by multiple aspects, you can choose the safest option convenient for you. To find more information about dog’s barking – check our article – “How to Stop a Dog From Barking? “.

The devices are usually made of high-standard devices to be easily used under any weather conditions. According to the statistics, dog owners give their preferences to ultrasonic control devices as they can be easily carried in the pocket. They allow the owner to control the behavior of the canine both indoors and outdoors in public. That is the safest option for a wide range of dog breeds, not causing any harm yet allowing avoiding any disobedience.