The Best Modern Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder for Busy Owners

You should give as much care and attention to your pets as possible. Sadly, many people are too busy to look after their cute feline friends. Getting an automatic cat feeder ensures that your pet always has easy access to food. Choosing the best automatic cat feeder and best automatic dog feeder can be hard. The market offers way too many options to select from.

To help overwhelmed pet owners find a proper auto feeder for cats, we created a simple guide. After reviewing hundreds of products, we chose a couple that can catch your attention. All featured products are worth their money. Let’s start our quest to find it in the market.

TOP PICK: PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

Top Choice
PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder
PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder
A Robust Pet Feeder Solution With Timer Storing 5 Meals
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This product can change your life. It features a rotating bowl with five sections. Each contains a small portion of food exposed when a timer rotates the bowl. An elegant solution works great. You can leave your pet at home alone and be sure that it has at least five meals ready for eating.

The mechanism is straightforward. You need to open the lid with a triangle hole and load the bowl with proportioned meals. Close the lid and set up the timer. Voila, you can now forget about feeding your dog and cat for up to 2 days. Choose time frames for an automatic feeder according to individual preferences of an animal.

This is not a food dispenser. It is a simple yet effective machine that stores five preplanned meals. The price is quite low for a product this good and reliable. You can get this auto feeder on Amazon.

Why Is It the Best? PetSafe’s 5-meal pet feeder is easily one of the best automatic cat feeders out there. It has a robust case, an inbuilt timer, and allows to get the food when the time is right easily. The price is also reasonable. Over 2 thousand users deemed this product worthy of using. With such high praise from buyers and experts, these feeders take the crown with ease.

Key features:

  • Bowl has five sections for meals;
  • It has an inbuilt timer with multiple settings;
  • A robust case prevents damage from scratching.

Runner-Up: HoneyGuaridan A26 Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Runner Up
HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet Feeder
HoneyGuaridan Automatic Pet Feeder
Fully Automactic Pet Food Dispenser With Voice Recorder And Timer
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The vast majority of automatic dog feeders operate as dispensers. They release a set amount of food according to timer settings. The timer in HoneyGuardian A26 is a work of art. It has many cool features that help you control the automatic feeder on an unprecedented level. A small bowl holds only a tiny portion sufficient for a single meal.

The total capacity of the food tank is 3.3lb. The device has a recorder and a speaker. You can record a voice command, and the automatic feeder will play it back to give your dog know about the mealtime. Hearing your voice can also reduce the anxiety some pets experience when left alone.

The design of this pet feeder is fantastic. It is a ball-shaped tank in a massive thick stand with a small ball below. The panel is on the front side and has a bunch of buttons. A small display above the dispenser shows settings. Every detail is useful and intuitive.

Should You Get It? HoneyGuardian A26 is a great all-around solution. This pet feeder is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. If you like more features and fancy design, purchase it without a doubt. People with a tighter budget will find this product a bit too much for their wallets.


  • Awesome design and ergonomics;
  • Many unique features like voice recording;
  • A fully automatic pet feeder with a dispenser.

Best Budget Pick: PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Dog and Cat Food Station

Best Budget Choice
PetSafe Healthy Gravity Food Station
PetSafe Healthy Gravity Food Station
Simple And Efficient Automatic Pet Feeder Solution
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Another entry from PetSafe is a top auto feeder without anything fancy. This automatic feeder obeys gravity. The tank releases food as your pet eats it. There are two versions of this product. One comes with a 4lb tub and another one with a 2lb container. Get the one that suits your needs perfectly. A larger animal will need more food and will eat more often.

This product is pure efficiency. A stainless bowl is firmly attached to a sturdy plastic case that contains a food tank. The design is simple. Cleaning and using it is effortless. Disassemble the device whenever you need to wash the dish or empty the tank. Use cold water to clean it quickly.

This automatic feeder is one of the best dog food feeders for busy people. It is cheap, sturdy, and works for any animal. A sound choice for those who need a reliable yet straightforward auto feeder and often leave pets alone for days.

Why Is It So Cheap? You can get it for good price and even cheaper with discounts. The price is low because this auto feeder does not have a timer or other unique features. This is a simple fully automatic pet feeder that refills the container as it is being emptied.


  • An uncomplicated dog feeder with a stainless bowl;
  • A sturdy plastic construction;
  • Costs less on Amazon.

Best Timed Cat Feeder: PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

Best Timed Cat Feeder
PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder
PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Feeder
Flexible And Stylish Smart Automatic Pet Feeding Solution
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If SmartFeed was cheaper, we would have chosen it as our top pick. This smart automatic pet feeder features a plethora of exciting functions like wireless remote control and 12 programmable meal times. The tank holds up to 24 cups of food and releases from 1/8 to 8 cups per serving. The amount depends on the dietary habits of an animal.

This pet feeder is an automatic cat feeder. You can control it with an application on your smartphone. All functions can be remotely activated if needed. This food dispenser obeys your commands or works on its own according to timer settings.

The design of the device is excellent. It has a grayish blue color to it and looks fantastic. The bowl can be removed from the automatic feeder for cleaning. The interface is minimal since you control it through the application. Overall, an excellent choice for technology geeks and people who like elaborate stylish things.

A Bit Too Much? An excellently timed pet feeder has a price within a reasonable range. This smart automatic pet feeder costs way above fair price. It is a hefty price for a timed feeder, but it has numerous highly usable features!

Cool stuff:

  • The most technologically advanced cat feeder;
  • Can be controlled remotely with an exclusive application;
  • The automatic feeder has 12 programmable meal times;
  • It looks stylish in any interior.

Best Gravity Cat Feeder: Old Tjikko Water Feeder for Dogs

Best Gravity Cat Feeder
Old Tjikko Water Feeder
Old Tjikko Water Feeder
Affordable Simple Gravity Feeder With Big Container
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Yes, it says “for dogs” in the title, but it is a generic pet feeder that operates as a regular cat feeder, don’t worry. A large vessel holds up to 8.3lb of food. You can leave your pet for a week alone with this automatic pet feeder, and it won’t run out of food.

The construction is simple yet robust and effective. This auto feeder relies on gravity and does not have a timer. As your pet east the food, the bowl refills itself from the tank above. It is undoubtedly not one of the best automatic pet feeders out there, but it gets the job done. Also, this automatic feeder’s price is good.

Big and Useful? The size of the device may seem too much, but it holds over eight pounds of food. The device is a perfect choice for people who need to leave their kittens alone for long periods of time.


  • This pet feeder has a sizeable 8lb container;
  • Works great for puppies and kitties;
  • It uses all kinds of dehydrated food.

Who Should Buy an Automatic Dog Feeder and an Automatic Cat Feeder

automatic dog feederAn automatic feeder is a life saver for frequently traveling people and those who work full time. Most pets need to eat 3-4 times per day. To keep their food fresh, you need to come back home each time you need to feed your cat. A better idea is buying an automatic pet feeder that will either continuously refill the bowl or dispense a set amount of food periodically. Both versions of an automatic pet feeder work great.

An automatic pet feeder with a timer helps you better control the nutrition for your pet. Neutered and in-house animals should use little calorie intake. You don’t want to make your adorable companion obese. A pet feeder that releases standardized portions of food work best for owners who wish to feed their pets properly.

Let’s admit the reality that some of us are just lazy. We don’t like spending too much time feeding animals. We love playing with them and petting them, but we despise working. An automatic feeder is a simple way to cheat. Just put 3-4 pounds of food in the tank and let the device do the job. Your four-legged pal will soon get used to eating according to a predefined schedule.

A gravity pet feeder is also handy for slothful owners. Just dump the food in the container. The dispenser will refill the bowl continuously. Your pet will never run out of stuff to eat.

Important Features to Consider

dog's feederThe ease of use and happiness for your pet depending on the quality of an automatic feeder that you will buy. When choosing a sizeable automatic feeder, pay attention to several aspects:

The sturdiness of the construction. Some flimsy automatic cat and dog feeders may be vulnerable to scratching and falling. Do not purchase devices with glass containers or thin cases. Animals may accidentally drop them or try scratching the surface to get more food out.

The price. A reliable automatic pet feeder costs anywhere depending on many factors. Additional features like voice recording and remote control may increase the price. Your budget limits must dictate the choice. Make sure that you get the best balance between the quality and the price.

The storage capacity. The worst thing for your pet is that there will be not enough food in the tank. Do not buy an automatic pet feeder with a small container. 1-2lb is not enough to last your pet for a weekend. Get an automatic feeder with ample storage space. This will ensure that your cat or dog has food even if your absence takes longer than you anticipated.

Additional functions. A voice recording can be perfect to ease the adaptation period. Some animals are afraid of devices and may not eat from them. Record your voice and train your cat. You can find automatic dog feeders with a voice recording functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Dog Eat from an Automatic Pet Feeder?
Some animals take time to get used to a new routine. Any change in the regular pace of life is stressful for your pet. Take gradual steps. Be present during feeding for a couple of days so that your pet feels less afraid. Most cats quickly get used to an automatic pet feeder.
What Kind of Food Can I Use?
Most dry foods will be compatible with most automatic cat feeders. The size of an individual pellet may affect dispensers with holes smaller than an average piece of food. However, most food manufacturers use standardized pellet sizes. If you have concerns, contact the company that manufacturers the product you like and ask them.
Can I Use Automatic Cat Feeders Outside?
A gravity cat feeder with a cover on top can be used outside. Some robust devices with timers as well. A more advanced cat feeder with sophisticated interfaces and electronics should be used indoors only.
How Should I Set the Timer?
Each animal has unique dietary preferences. You know your pet better than anyone else. Make sure that it gets enough food. Imagine when you usually feed it and set the timer accordingly. Consult with a vet when in doubts.
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