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Dog blankets are an excellent solution for the owners who love their dogs and care for their safety and comfort. Although many people use their sheets or buy a random one at the store, dog blankets are necessary because they were made specifically for dogs. The materials, size, and specific features were designed for their needs based on research.

Our Top Pick Dog Blanket 2019:BUDDYREST

Top Pick 2019
top pick dog blanket
Anti-Anxiety Weighted Dog Blanket K9 Suede and Soft Fleece Deliver Durable and Calming Relief to Reduce The Stress and Anxiety of Your Pet
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Among hundreds of best options, we have chosen our top pick for 2019. Buddyrest’s Anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to have a calm, happy dog. Although the coverage is not waterproof, the material achieves two aims: it will serve for a long time and is very comforting. One side is K9 suede, which increases the durability of the blanket, and the other one is made from soft fleece for greater satisfaction. Buddyrest’s Anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket comes in three sizes: medium (40” x 30”), large (45” x 40”), and x-large (72” x 48”). Buddyrest offers warranty for any defect in quality or material for ten years. If you want to return Buddyrest’s Anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket, you may contact the seller and ask for a full refund in 100 days. Buddyrest’s Anti-anxiety weighted dog blanket will suit all dogs, but Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Toy Poodles, and other anxious breeds will like it more. 

Dog Blanket Runner Up :TUCSTORE Cute Dog Blanket

Runner Up Dog Blanket
runner up dog blanket
TUCSTORE Cute Dog Blankets
Large Fleece Blanket (80"x60") - Sport Grey
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Our runner up pick is Tucstore Cute Dog Blanket, a luxurious, long-lasting blanket. Tucstore Cute Dog Blanket will cover your dog in a warm comfy fleece that is light and soothing. This tight blanket stitches will help it endure your dog’s movements without harm from the claws, although it is not waterproof. Both the medium (60” x 50”) and large (80” x 60”) Tucstore Cute Dog Blanket sizes also suit any of the best dog beds 2019. The design of Tucstore Cute Dog Blanket is right for you if you want something that will suit the interior and also show the individuality of your friend. The seller also takes care of all scenarios: Tucstore offers to return your money if you are not satisfied with the product. Dalmatian and Fox Terrier will love Tucstore Cute Dog Blanket because of its ability to keep warm in the cold weather. If your dog is not a fan of severe cold, this fleece blanket should be near at autumn nights.

Best Budget Dog Blanket: PAWZ Road Dog Blanket

Best Budget Pick
budget dog blanket
PAWZ Road Dog Blanket
Double-Sided,No Shedding for Dogs. Small-Large Size
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Making your dog content does not have to be expensive: we have you covered. Pawz road dog blanket offers you a tremendous double-sided coverage for a reasonable price. Not being waterproof, Pawz road dog blanket is still very soft and will be ideal for a trip. The pleasant material combines with simple, appealing colors that will be suitable for any situation or place.  Three sizes are available for your choice: S (30” x 20”), M (38” x 28”), and L (59” x 39”). All products by Pawz road may be returned if you do not like the product, but be careful to apply for return & refund option in 9 days. The product is an excellent discovery for dogs with long hair: the plush prevents piling and keeps hair off it for a long time. So, the owners of such breeds as Afghan Hound and Havanese will find the blanket both visually appealing and practical! 

Best Waterproof Dog Blanket: PetBed4Less Premium

Best Waterproof Dog Blanket
waterproof dog blanket
PetBed4Less Premium
100% Waterproof Silky Soft Throw and Dog Blanket
$20.50 / $29.95
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Having a waterproof blanket often comes in handy. PetBed4Less offers a waterproof sheet that is easily maintainable and convenient for all seasons! PetBed4Less Premium 100% Waterproof blanket also comes in three sizes: small (31” x 27”), medium (47” x 35”), and large (55” x 47”). This blanket is all silky fleece that both soothes and serves a useful goal of reducing the mess for your home or car. In case of a defect, you have seven days to return the product and receive a full refund, but only if the product was not misused. We are excited to inform you that we tested it. We poured out a gallon of water on the blanket, and it remained dry on the other side! If your dog is post-surgery or aging, you need it for their comfort. Regardless, you may find it a fantastic pick if you own a Bull Terrier, Bulldog, or Mastiff. Such blankets will be great for outdoorsy types. Combine it with one of the top dog houses in 2019 and create a new pet home. 

Best Dog Blanket for a Car: BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

Best Dog Blanket for a Car
dog blanket for car
BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars
Black, Waterproof & Hammock Convertible
$18.99 / $19.99
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Traveling with a dog may be a miracle or a nightmare, depending on whether you both are safe and ready for a trip. BarksBar offers an excellent solution for people who travel with their pets. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars is made with waterproof polyester, which makes it suitable for driving in a car with your dog. The durable material protects your vehicle from any inconvenience, and two sizes, standard and large, also cover the majority of the surface where your dog will rest. BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars also has pockets. Although all people travel with their pets from time to time, such large breeds of dogs as Great Dane or Saint Bernard will like the blanket thanks to the size. BarksBar gives you a chance to return the unopened product, though they may ask for photos to verify that the sheet is not damaged. The window is 30 days and, on rare occasions, even more. 

Best Indestructible Dog Blanket: Buyaodazhen Dog Bed with removable cover

Best Indestructible Dog Blanket
indestructible dog blanket
Indestructible Dog Bed
Dog Puppy Blanket Cushion with removable cover
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Sometimes buying products that do not suit your pup’s character will be unreasonable. If you’re an owner of an energetic dog, you probably might use the outdoor dog kennels review aside from choosing the blanket that will last long. Buyaodazhen offers a bed with a blanket that is both stylish and durable. Buyaodazhen Dog Bed’s cover is not waterproof, but it is easily washable. The main materials of Buyaodazhen Dog blanket are polyester and suede; the stuffing is cotton. It has three sizes: S (55 x 45 x 13 cm), M, (70 x 55 x 15 cm), and L (90 x 75 x 17 cm). We conducted a small experiment to check if the blanket is really as good as told, and its materials were so firm that we felt it deserved its appreciation. Only after 30 minutes of the deliberate efforts, we ripped it to pieces. Buyaodazhen Dog Bed with a removable blanket is perfect for such active breeds as Bernese Mountain Dog, Shetland Sheepdog, and Doberman Pinschers. Unfortunately, we did not find the information about the return policy. 

Best Electric Dog Blanket: Buyaodazhen Dog Bed Cushion with Thermostat Electric Blanket

Best Electric Dog Blanket
Best Electric Dog Blanket
Buyaodazhen dog blanket
Thermostat Electric Blanket
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Some dogs need additional help and warmth, especially during the cold weather. Buyaodazen electric blanket will be a useful solution. Your dog will gladly curl on the sheet, and you will prevent them from catching a cold. Buyaodazen electric blanket is also waterproof and has an anti-biting sleeve, which makes the blanket completely safe. What can be better? Buyaodazen electric blanket has only one size (50 cm in diameter), so be careful with measurements. Buyaodazen electric blanket’s bottom is covered with high-quality polyester, but the main part is made of PVC skin. Many dog breeds with short hair need the additional source of heat in autumn and winter, but many pups may be individually sensitive to cold, and it is vital to observe if your friend needs such a product. The owners of Dobermans, Mastiffs, Chihuahuas, and Greyhounds may consider this blanket as a must-have. However, it is better to contact Buyaodazen beforehand if you have some concerns about moneyback practices. 

Best Dog Blanket for Bed and Sofa: Vailge Sofa Cover for Dogs

Best Dog Blanket for Bed and Sofa
Vailge Sofa Dog Cover
Vailge Sofa dog Cover
Durable Sofa Covers for Dogs,Couch Covers for Dogs
$27.99 / $37.99
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Some blankets are designed for outside, but others are better as a part of your home decoration. There is no such a dog who at least occasionally does not mess with a bed or a sofa of their owners. For the additional protection and cover for your furniture, you might want to buy Vailge’s water-resistant sofa cover. Made from polyester and silicone, Vailge Sofa Cover for Dogs is adaptable to any furniture. It is suitable for every interior because of the simplicity of the design and simple colors. The measurements will help you with identifying the exact size for chairs, sofas, recliners, and loveseats. Also, all of these types have side pockets, so they also provide you with a small upgrade. Although the exact information about the return policies is not present, many customers were contacted by the managers when they were unsatisfied. Your Newfoundland, Samoyed, or Bulldog will be glad to sit with you on such a cover.  

Best Blanket for Small Dogs: Jim Hugh Dog Beds Lovely

Best Blanket for Small Dogs
Best Small Dogs Blanket
Jim Hugh Dog Blanket
Best Small Dogs Blanket
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For those who own small dogs, finding a suitable blanket or sofa might become problematic. It may be too heavy, hot, or simply uncomfortable for the most miniature breeds. Jim Hugh gives a new life to the idea. Made from nylon, Jim Hugh Princess Blanket does not slip and stays in place regardless of the level of energy your dog has. Jim Hugh Princess Blanket is not water-resistant or waterproof, so you may need to find the additional coverage if you have any concerns. Jim Hugh Princess Blankethas three sizes: S (45 cm x 35 cm x 12 cm), M (58 cm x 45 cm x 14 cm), and L (68 cm x 55 cm x 16 cm). The refund is not available or mentioned by the manufacturer. The product suits any dog from the French Bulldog and Bichon Frise to Pug. You may also put it into one of the best indoor dog crates by pet-store: it will make the trip or securing a dog convenient.

Best Blanket For Large Dogs: Teton Blanket

Best Blanket For Large Dogs
Best Blanket For Large Dogs
PET Throw Dog Blanket
Waterproof Washable Hypoallergenic Dog Blanket
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Large dogs deserve their share, too. It is essential to find a cover that would fit them perfectly. You may also look for the best dog beds 2019 if your large pup does not have one. It is hard to find a blanket on which a large dog would fit entirely. Teton Dog offers your dog a large-scale solution. The Polartec fleece is a soft material which makes Teton Dog Waterproof Washable Hypoallergenic Dog Blanket both useful and pleasant. Waterproof and suited to different conditions, Teton Dog Waterproof Washable Hypoallergenic Dog Blanket is best for those dogs who are also messy and energetic. It also has three sizes: 60” x 52”, 72” x 52”, and 84” x 60”. Teton dog offers a generous return policy solution. You may receive the money back if you provide any reason and return the product without any disturbances. All dogs will fit into one of these blankets, but Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Leonberger, and French Mastiff are among the best examples. 

Important Features to Consider

Each dog owner wants to make their dog’s life easy and comfortable, using various products like dog blankets. Dog blankets give coziness and warmth to your pet, so you need to consider some features before selecting one. These features are material, waterproof material part, size, color, and washing instructions.


When choosing the blanket, considering the material is essential. Dog blankets require a higher level of resistance, so polyester is often at least partially present in the product. Fleece is universal due to its weight, softness, and durability. For the non-slippery function, many blankets have silicon. 

Waterproof material part 

Not all blankets should be waterproof, but they are highly necessary for post-surgery and old dogs or those who are sometimes sloppy. Nylon is the element that often helps with water resistance, but polyester fleece is also great. Usually, only a part of the blanket, normally the bottom one, performs the waterproof function. 


Choosing the appropriate size is one of the most important components as it will determine the comfort of your pet. Please note that Amazon’s products often have different sizes, usually the three most common ones.  They are marked with letters S, M, and L. Be careful because, if there is one size, there is no guarantee that other sizes will be available. 

Pattern or color

Fortunately, the past when there was only one color for the dog blankets is over. You can purchase different sheets for various interior specificities. If you are not sure, opt for something simple and monochromatic. You may also consider the personality type of your dog and ensure that the blanket fits the other pieces of furniture. 


Many people are afraid of buying dog blankets because of the misconception that it will be hard to wash. However, the washing instructions are usually simple and explained by the manufacturer. If you are looking for the material that is the easiest to clean, choose nylon. When hesitant, use the hand wash and line dry. 

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