Best Dog Clothes for Large Dogs

We are used to seeing small dogs in various pretty dresses, shirts, and overalls. But what about large breeds? Clothes for them seems unnecessary. But once you see your freezing Doberman, who lost all the grace shaking like never before, you will no doubt want to dress poor dog to help it warm up.

However, there are clothes not just for winter days. You have quite a lot of reasons to create a separate wardrobe for your puppy so that it feels cozy in any weather. So let’s go through all the types of dog clothes.

Kinds of Clothes for Dogs

Pets can feel uncomfortable from time to time. Also, dogs have different fur coats, and a lot of them need some clothes to keep them warm and dry in cold and rain. So here are types of dog clothes you can consider buying.


These coats are an absolute necessity for dogs with long fur like golden retrievers, for example. First of all, once the pup’s fur gets wet, it feels like naked, especially in the wind.

But also, raincoats will keep your dog clean from all the dirt that appears during and after rain. So you won’t have to waste your time washing your pooch. And dog raincoats are extremely easy to clean – wipe the dirt off with a cloth, and you’re good to go.

Remember – dog clothes is the wrong solution to warm the dog in cold conditions, better to start from an indoor dog crate, more information in our review from 2019.

Cooling coats

Thick fur keeps out pets warm, so during the summer days, they can easily get overheated. Dogs with the thick and long coat are in danger – it may seem that the long hair can somewhat protect a puppy from the sun but vice versa short hair breeds are less prone to overheating.

The solution is a cooling coat. Usually, such dog clothes can keep cold for a couple of hours. So it is great to dress the puppy in it on the walk to protect the pet from heat.


The name is quite self-explanatory – such coats protect dogs from the strong and cold wind. Some puppies can be more sensitive to it, so they need a windbreaker that will keep them warm and dry.

Fleece shirt

It is a great piece for dogs with thin and short fur to keep them warm in autumn and spring. Fleece material feels good, and puppies will love it. So you can be sure, your dog will get used to it quickly and won’t freeze during walks.

Parkas and snowsuits

If you have a large dog, clothes for winter can be hard to find. Still, manufacturers offer warm coats for snowy days with temperature below zero. Even pooches with long and thick fur can feel cold during long winter walks, especially in a wet climate.

Insect-protection coat

Going to spend some time surrounded by nature with your pup? Get it a coat that will provide an additional defense from insects. Sometimes even the best solutions against insects are not enough, especially in forests. So make sure no one bites your pooch dressing it in a coat.

Jacket with reflective stripes

It is a vital piece of clothing for those who live in cities and walk their dogs along roads. Reflective strips will make sure the driver can see your dog and stop if needed. So put it on for evening walks and stay safe.

Sun-protection overalls

To protect your dog from sunburns (yes, puppies get those, too) put a sun-protection overall on it. Preferably, under the cooling coat. Then you can be calm – your pet will get nor sunburn neither overheated.

How to choose clothes?

You need to go through several simple steps:

  • decide what the purpose of clothes you want to buy (fashion, protection from weather, etc.) is;
  • preferably go with your dog to the pet store and try options on. The puppy shouldn’t feel restrained or uncomfortable;
  • choose durable materials;
  • if buying online, read reviews both on the site you’re going to make a purchase at and on other sites;
  • if possible, ask other dog owners for advice.

Important features to consider

First of all, always check if the piece has any manufacturer defects. Check all zippers, buttons, rings for the leash, and other details that might be broken. Also, try to estimate how reliable they are – if your big dog pulls the leash, will the ring or the material break? It is essential for winter coats since it is hard to put a harness on top of it.

Also, consider your budget. Clothes for large dogs can cost quite a fortune. So you might want to check many options before tearing your wallet apart. Try to looking for less popular brands to make sure you’re paying for quality, not the name.

Final thoughts

Days, when big dogs in clothes were something unusual, are far behind. Today you can buy your pooch a whole wardrobe both for fashion and protection reasons. So figure out what do you need and go for it! Let your puppy be a local supermodel.

Linda R. Reyes

Linda is a passionate writer and a happy owner of 2 pets. She's been writing about pets since 2014 and tested many of the products herself. Expert in her field, Linda knows exactly which products can help pets and their owners have a more pleasant life.

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