What Are The Best Interactive Dog Toys

Mostly, behavioral issues take place because the dog gets bored. So even problems like leash pulling or poor obedience can be fixed easily – provide the dog with something to do. Of course, the best entertainment will be fun training that involves learning new things. So, if you don’t have enough time for that, interactive dog toys are just for you.

They will capture the attention of your pooch and evolve their cognitive abilities at the same time. But which toys are better? To ease the decision making for you we’ve picked the best options out there and did quick reviews for each plaything.

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It is the classics among truly indestructible dog toys. KONG is a must-have, especially if you don’t spend much time at home. Just stuff this toy with kibble, and you will make sure your puppy is busy at least for the morning. It will have to paw KONG to get the food out. So, breakfast will take a while.

Also, you can put peanut butter into KONG. Then the treatment will last for long. To make the entertainment even more lasting, you can freeze the toy with peanut butter inside. Some owners get creative and form layers of different foods. KONG comes in different sizes so that you can choose the suitable one both for a puppy and adult dog.

Hide-and-Slide Puzzles

There are a lot of dog toys that use a simple concept – you hide treats under sliding shields. The pooch first needs to locate the food and then figure out the way to get it out. It is a fun activity both for the pup and you. no doubt, you will enjoy watching your dog trying to get the treat.

Such interactive dog toys, however, most likely won’t be something your pet will play with for years especially if you have a smart puppy. They tend to understand the mechanics quite quickly and later they can fish out all the treats in just a few seconds. This plaything is perfect for the family with several dogs. Also, you could share it with your fellow dog owner.

IQ Treat Ball

As you might understand from the name, this toy is shaped like a ball. You fill it with treats and let the god roll it to get them out. The best feature about this plaything is that the opening is adjustable. So you can open in wider if you want to make the game easier for your pooch or if treats are big. Or you can tighten it to make the toy last for longer.


This toy will become your pet’s favorite. It is especially suitable for large breeds. The plaything has a jug you can fill with the entire meal, a rope the dog can tug, and the rubber wrap to chew. It is an all-in-one toy that can entertain your pooch for a long time.

Although, you have to watch out so that the puppy doesn’t eat the rope. Swallowing threads are extremely dangerous. So keep an eye on the game, especially if the dog is young and doesn’t know yet how to play with toys properly.

Dog Activity Flip Board

That is the most challenging toy on the list. Every hole you put treats in requires various actions from the dog to get the food. There are knobs, cones, and flags that need to be operated in some way. And since pups don’t have thumbs, it is challenging for them to get treats out of this toy.

What are the best toys for puppies?

Any KONG-like plaything will be perfect for a young puppy. Everything that requires rolling and pawing is excellent since it improves the body balance while being entertaining and simple enough for a pup not to get frustrated. Such toys can capture the interest for quite long without annoying the owner as squeaky ones do.

Also, you should prefer the most durable options with a few details the puppy can chew off as possible. We recommend not choosing the toys with ropes like Tug-A-Jug because a young dog is eager to swallow almost anything that gets into its mouth.

Final Thoughts

To pick the best interactive toy for your dog, you should know what does it prefer. Some pooches love just laying and chewing or pawing something. And some will be glad to chase the ball and grab treats that fall out as it rolls.

So before getting a favorite plaything think of what would you puppy enjoy the most. That way you will make sure the toy will be fascinating and long-lasting. Additionally, consider the food you feed to the dog. While you can stuff KONG with wet food, you can’t do the same to IQ Treat Ball.

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