beagle dog breed, pet store

Intro About Beagle

There is nothing cuter than having a beagle in your house. Beagle is a dog breed, belonging to a group of hound dogs, and is usually of small sizes. Similar to Golden retriever puppies, or bulldog puppies( check overall information about bulldogs) – young beagles are very playful, outgoing, and friendly. On the other hand, their hound nature makes them focused on food, determined, and gives them an excellent sense of smell. Such canine features great tracking instincts, too.

How Fast Beagle Can Run

It is a known fact that beagles can run approximately 20 miles per hour, which is their maximum speed. On the other hand, these canines are not considered long-distance runners, no matter how fast they can reach a particular destination. And this is one of the essential factors to consider when training your beagle.

How to Train Beagle

Training a beagle requires lots of patience. It is recommended to be done from an early age so your pet can learn basic commands at a young age. As beagles are very stubborn, it requires dedicating time to train a beagle applying funny and creative techniques.

The training process ought to be performed regularly to achieve positive results. Beagles prefer to think of themselves as the leaders and only rely on themselves as they have descended from working dogs, who used their scent abilities to hunt. Therefore, it is vital to motivate your pet and perform regular training sessions.

Learn the commands during the day, not just within a training session. Make sure your beagle is active. You may wonder, how much exercise does my dog need daily? When it comes to beagles, in particular, their owner should spend at least an hour playing with them. Going on walks is also a part of training the pet. Do not forget to praise your beagle with treats.

beagle dog breed, pet store

How to Find the Right Equipment for Beagle

For comfortable living, both small and large beagles require getting special equipment. Following recent trends and products offered by manufacturers, there is a must-have equipment, usually including Beagle clothes made of high-end and comfortable materials suitable for any weather conditions, kennels and best beagle crates, bowls, multiple toys and similar.

According to dog backpacks review, such an additional accessory is welcomed for active dogs, large beagles, and small beagles, enjoying long walks with their owners when it is necessary to take some dog food.

Make sure to pick up beagle supplies that will comfort the life of your pet, both outdoors and indoors. Dog leash and a dog collar are the first things you will need to purchase if you consider getting a small beagle.

Overall Info

Here is a list of some basic facts necessary to know about beagles:

  • Weight: males can weigh up to 25 lbs, whereas females’ max weight is 23 lbs.
  • Size: 16 inches high.
  • Training sessions required per day: at least an hour of training, and regular walks.
  • Also known as English Beagle due to its origin.
  • Area of origin: Great Britain in 1830.

 Small beagles and large beagles are very friendly with kids and are great hunters.