Bulldog, pet store

Intro About a Bulldog

It’s hard to mistake a Bulldog for any other breed. We are all quite familiar with their massive low-slung bodies and short-muzzled heads. And despite the somewhat bloody past, modern Bulldogs are rather kind, loving, and affectionate. They’re calm and friendly, and if raised properly, they will never start a fight.

Unfortunately, due to the specific body and short muzzle Bulldogs are prone to many diseases, especially those related to joints and respiratory system.

How Fast Can a Bulldog Run

The massive and sturdy body of a Bulldog isn’t made for running. This breed is rather slow compared to, say, a Golden Retriever. So you can’t expect your Bulldog to keep up with your pace if you take it for a run. 

How to Train a Bulldog

Just like any other breed, Bulldogs need to be socialized with other pets, people, sounds, things, and the world in general. Sadly, due to the numerous health issues this breed can develop, many owners dive too deeply into how to care for Bulldog. Consequently, training and socialization begin to fade into the background.

Although it can be challenging to keep the health and the behavior of a Bulldog in line, as an owner, you should try to manage both things. Bulldogs are generally very eager to interact with their humans and learn new things. But they can be stubborn sometimes. Also, they’re not the fastest learners. Once a Bulldog learns something, it remembers this thing for a long time.

Therefore, you need to be patient and consistent. Remember that your effort will be compensated with a well-behaved Bulldog everyone around will adore. But while teaching it new things, keep an eye on the number of treats. Bulldogs are prone to gaining weight quickly.

Bulldog, pet store

How to Find the Right Equipment for a Bulldog

The latest tests show that the appropriate harness is much better than a collar for any breed. Considering the specific body, a Bulldog has, you need to pay extra attention to the harness you choose. The correct one has to have a strap that connects the neck and rib pieces and lays on the back. Also, it’s better if the part that covers the chest is soft. Then the pressure is distributed correctly, and your Bulldog will not experience any issues with joints. If you need to carry your small Bulldog around, you can go to this dog backpacks review and pick one. 

Overall Info

  • Weight – from 40 to 50 pounds
  • Size – from 1 to 1.3 feet tall
  • How much exercise per day – a 1-hour walk plus training will be sufficient
  • Other names – English Bulldog, British Bulldog
  • Area of origin – England