dachshund general info

Daschshund is a small dog but it is quite active and energetic. Whenever you feel like playing or walking an extra mile – they are up for it. But such energy should be mixed with a relaxation periods. Therefore, it is vital that your sausage dog has a rest at its place.

How Fast a Dachshund Can Run?

Even though it’s a smaller breed, Dachshunds are quite active and will be glad to take part in different games and dog sports. Also, they’re rather fast for their size.

How to Train a Dachshund

Dogs of this breed are very smart and eager to learn. Moreover, they genuinely need training. Otherwise, Dachshunds get bored and begin behaving badly. So don’t neglect the desire of your Dachshund pup to interact with you and learn new things. You can begin with some basic obedience teaching your Dachshund to sit, stand, come to you, and so on. Then you can switch to fun tricks and intellectual games to keep your dog’s mind engaged.

As we have already mentioned, Dachshunds are very fast. Although we’re used to thinking of them as of lapdogs, they will be glad to try agility, for example. Such a sport will help your pup to stay in shape and let out all that energy it has. Of course, dogs of the same breed can still have different temperaments. But most Dachshunds will perform great in active sports.

How to Find the Right Equipment for a Dachshund

This breed is quite popular among dog owners, so you shouldn’t have any issues trying to find the equipment for your dog. Even by the first look, you will see that there are a lot of various harnesses, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, boots, and other clothes for Dachshunds in pet stores. And most of them will mention Dachshund in their sizing charts.

However, you still should measure your dog before buying the item, especially if you’re making an online purchase. The areas you need to measure are different depending on the piece of clothing, but usually, you need to know the measurements of your pup’s neck, chest, and body length.

Overall Info

  • Weight – 16 to 32 pounds
  • Size – 8-9 inches tall


How much activity do Dachshunds need per day?

20-30 minutes of walking plus short cardio sessions
Other names – wiener dog, sausage dog
Area of origin – Germany