German Shepherd

German Shepherd, german shepherd dog breed, pet-store review

Intro about German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a dog breed that features males and females of medium and large size. Their German origin dates back to the end of the 19th century. German Shepherd Dog is a modern breed of dogs despite the fact that it has developed a wolf-like physical appearance.

This breed well connects with children and is considered very active. It also features strong guarding instincts, yet German shepherd demonstrates excellent training skills from an early age.

How Fast German Shepherd Can Run

The maximum speed German shepherd reaches when running equals approximately 30 mph (48 kmph). The breed is very active, disciplined when trained, and obedient. German shepherds are strong, muscular, and protective when it comes to their family and loved ones, which makes them slightly similar to golden retriever dog breed.

German Shepherd, german shepherd dog breed, pet-store review

How to Train German Shepherd

There are different ways to discipline and begin training German shepherd. Notice that the training process ought to be started at a young age, approximately eight-week-old. German shepherds are considered easy trainable, but they are very strong animals.

Therefore, training should become a routine when the pet is just a puppy. In that way, it is easier to shape the personality of your furry friend and your relationship in general. Socializing places an important role in the training process of any German shepherd.

On the other hand, it is necessary to prepare your German shepherd for potential vet visits in the future, which is a part of early training, too. Make sure to just gently handle your pet’s tail and paws to make it get used to such a care routine.

German shepherds need to know the commands. Basic ones are sitting, standing, and staying. The puppy may not understand the commands immediately. Therefore, it requires some time learning basic commands. Do not forget to use German shepherds treats to motivate the pet.

German Shepherd, german shepherd dog breed, pet-store review

How to Find the Right Equipment for German Shepherd

German Shepherd is a dog breed that requires getting special equipment for it from a very young age. These pets are very active and playful; therefore, it is necessary to find products for their care routine.

To be able to comfort the life of your friend, any equipment for large German shepherd dog always includes a dog crate or kennel, walking collar, a leash, a German shepherd dog bed, slow-feeding bowls, and lots of toys. Equipment for large German shepherds dogs includes clothes for active pups, as well as multiple accessories you can read about in dog backpacks review.

To provide proper care to your pet, do not forget about grooming brush, toothbrush, and a nail trimmer.

Overall Info

Here is the list of basic facts related to German shepherds:

  • Weight Range: both females and males can weigh up to 95 lbs
  • Size: max 25 inches
  • Exercises and activity requirements per day: a minimum of 40 minutes of activity, exercising, and training is required per day
  • Also known as: Deutscher Schäferhund, Alsatian Wolf Dog, as well as Berger Allemand, GSD, DSH, Schäferhund
  • Area of origin: Germany
  • Size characteristics may vary depending on gender.