Golden Retriever

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Overall Info About This Type of Retriever

Golden Retrievers are unbelievably popular today. They’re considered the best dogs for families, especially if there is a kid in the house. Golden Retrievers are friendly, highly intelligent, and very active. However, the last quality might be a downside for some people – this breed requires a lot of physical activity.

Goldens are impeccable retrievers. They’re great at sniffing, finding, and fetching things. That’s why they often become service dogs finding contraband for police officers or hunting dogs helping their owners to retrieve the shot animal. Thanks to their intelligence, they’re great assistance dogs as well. And their love for humans makes Goldens Retrievers unbelievable therapy pets.

How to Take Care of a Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever puppy requires some special attention. Being a rather large breed, Golden retriever grow rather quickly between four and seven months. That might result in bone disorders if the owner doesn’t take care of the pup. Consult your vet about supplements and vitamins (for instance, calcium) your Retriever might need. And don’t let it jump too much, run and play on hard surfaces until it reaches two years old and its joins will be fully developed. You can allow your Golden retriever to play on grass, though.

Make sure to provide your active Golden Retriever a sufficient amount of exercise. Otherwise, you will struggle to try to tame this ticking bomb that is ready to explode from excess energy.

Golden Revtiever, Pet-Store, golden retriever care, golden retriever grooming

How to Groom a Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers  have a gorgeous thick coat. While it is delightful to touch and look at, it requires quite a lot of grooming. It’s recommended to brush your Retriever every day to keep the coat untangles and shiny. And you will need to bathe the Golden at least once a month if not more often.

Just like any other dog, a Golden Retriever needs to have clean teeth. So make sure you brush them 2-3 times per week to prevent dental diseases and keep your Golden’s breath fresh. Also, you should trim Retriever’s nails 1-2 times per month. And its fold-over ears should be cleaned with special lotion weekly.

How to Train a Golden Retriever

Since Goldens have an almost endless amount of energy, you need to provide them with activities. It is much easier to get your Golden Retriever tired if you will make it think a lot. So for starters, focus on obedience the same like with beagles –  This breed is eager to learn things their humans want them to know. Therefore, the training will be quite simple for both of you. Also, you can teach your Retriever to do various tricks.

To let your Golden Retriever enjoy the physical activity, you can join an agility class, for example. Moreover, you can find various retrieving training where your pup will seek for things. However, you can create this game on your own and teach the Retriever to find items.

Golden Revtiever, Pet-Store, golden retriever care, golden retriever grooming

How Much a Retriever Should Run Per Day

Golden Retrievers are tremendous both in long-distance running and sprinting. And they can develop a running speed of up to 35 mph. While this information is fascinating, you should bear in mind that Goldens can run so fast only for a short time. Don’t expect it to keep this pace over a long distance. 

Since Retrievers need around an hour of good physical activity per day, you can take your Golden along with you for a run. The amount of time and distance the dog will be able to run depends on its physical shape. To track how quickly does your Retriever becomes tired while running.

Overall Info

Golden Retrievers weigh from 55 to 75 pounds and are from 21.5 to 24 inches tall. They live up to 10-12 years. This breed comes from Scotland, the highland estate of Lord Tweedmouth. Lord created Golden Retrievers for hunting purposes. That’s why they’re so high in sniffing and finding things.

Golden Retrievers can be called merely Goldens or Retrievers. They’re very well-trained and smart. Also, they’re quite active and require at least one hour of physical activity per day. So it will be beneficial for your Golden if you take it for a run. Additionally, you should teach your Retriever obedience and tricks to keep its active mind engaged.