Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Dog Breed.

Intro About Shih Tzu

The representatives of Shih Tzu breed are outgoing, affectionate, and friendly house pets who like spending time with their owners. Not so long ago, many people started to take Shih Tzu dogs into agility competitions. To win the competition, they train their Shih Tzus for rally and obedience. In general, Shih Tzu dogs are healthy; however, this breed is still prone to certain diseases, including patellar luxation, bladder stones, allergies, or eye problems. 

How Fast Shih Tzu Can Run 

Despite a small size, Shih Tzu’s bodies are muscular enough. The average speed of running for Shih Tzu dogs accounts for 6-8 miles in an hour. The speed depends on your pet’s health condition.

How to Train Shih Tzu 

Shih Tzu Dog Breed.

As with any other breed, it is better to train your Shih Tzu puppy from an early age. Even though these dogs look cute and adorable, they still can be challenging during training. Keep in mind the following rules that would help you with preparation:

  • Define the rules – what can Shih Tzu puppy do, where can it sleep, etc.
  • Treats – it will be a reward for doing a good job during training.
  • Start training with some basic commands.
  • Learn how to calm down your pet’ you may use ‘hush’ or any other word to control your dog’s barking.
  • At the end of any training, have some fun with Shih Tzu. in such a way, your pet will have a positive experience every time.

Remember that there should be no physical punishment. It is better to use time-outs for some disruptive behavior. It will be effective considering the love of Shih Tzus for a good company with a man.

How to Find the Right Equipment for Shih Tzu 

So, you decided to have Shih Tzu as a pet. Make sure to know about all the equipment you would need so that your dog is happy. Here are some essential supplies for a Shih Tzu puppy: 

  • Find a water and food dish that will be convenient for Shih Tzu;
  • Buy cozy bedding;
  • Your pet will need a place to sleep or rest; consider a baby gate, enclosure, or crate;
  • Learn about the best food and supplements for Shih Tzu from a vet and review websites;
  • Buy some fancy treats for your training sessions;
  • Find out which toys and chews are the most appropriate for Shih Tzu;
  • Don’t forget about the leash, harness, and collar;
  • Buy some quality cleaning supplies;
  • Take care of getting a microchip to ensure your pet’s safety;
  • Shih Tzu has grooming needs, and you will need proper equipment, including a brush, shampoo and conditioner, comb, toothbrush, and nail clipper.

Overall Info 

  • Weight – the weight of both males and females are about 9-16 pounds.
  • Size – both females and males are about 9-10.5 inches tall.
  • How much run need per day – a Shih Tzu puppy aged 6+ months should have, at least, one 20-minutes walk per day. 
  • Other names – Shih Tzu name means “little lion”, and it is hard to disagree that there is some resemblance between the lion’s mane and Shih Tzu’s gorgeous hair.
  • Area of origin – Despite some controversy regarding the breed’s origin, it is most likely that China is an area of origin of Shih Tzu breed.