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Bulldog Dog Clothes

November 8, 2019
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Bulldog Dog Clothes

How to Find Fitting Clothes for a French Bulldog?

Keeping your Frenchie warm is not too difficult. Most owners of French Bulldogs like to dress them in different outfits. There are quite a lot of options that fit this breed.

However, since Bulldogs are bulkier in the chest area, some clothes might be too tight. To measure your pet before buying anything. Then you will be sure you are choosing the correct size.

How to Find Fitting Clothes for a French Bulldog
Clothes for French Bulldog

Don’t forget to introduce your French Bulldog to clothes in general. Before the first try, let your Frenchie sniff the new item. Then carefully try to put it on your pet. Don’t be greedy with treats – they will help your Bulldog get used to clothes and distract it a little.

Best 3 French Bulldog Dog Sweaters

Best French Bulldog Dog Sweater

This Bulldog plaid sweater is perfect for chilly winter days. It is very soft and warm, and dogs seem to feel cozy in it. Pupteck is a well-known brand trusted by many pet owners. Therefore, this French Bulldog sweater should warm up your furry friend for a long time.

Best 3 French Bulldog Dog Sweaters
Bulldog wearing Sweater

Depending on the measurements of your Frenchie, you should pick S/M or M size. Consider that the belly part might be too long for males.

French Bulldog Winter Sweater

If winters are especially harsh in your area, you should take a look at this French Bulldog sweater. It’s made of stretchy fleece, and it feels incredibly good to the touch. Gooby is a high-quality pet clothes brand, and its items don’t go wrong even after many washes.

Since this Frenchie sweater is meant for smaller dogs, you should choose XL or 2XL size depending on the measurements of your pet.

French Bulldog Budget Dog Sweater

Dogs love fleece clothes because they’re so comfy and have a nice feel. In this Frenchie sweater, your pup will feel warm and cozy. We were writing about it in our huge review of large dog sweaters.

Again, choose a size based on the measurements of your Bulldog. You need to pick between M, L, and XL sizes. So make sure you measure your Frenchie correctly.

Best 3 French Bulldog Dog Hoodies

Best Dog Hoodie for a French Bulldog

Ellie is a brand that was also featured in our dog hoodies review 2020. This French Bulldog hoodie is of very high quality. The fabric is quite stretchy, and all stitches are reliable. Even a zipper features zip-up teeth so that the fur doesn’t get stuck.

Best 3 French Bulldog Dog Hoodies
Bulldog Wearing a Hoodie

For most Frenchies, the S size will be a good fit. But if your Bulldog is a bit larger or smaller, measure the pup carefully and choose the correct size.

French Bulldog Casual Hoodie

Zack & Zoey brand took care of dog owners and featured breeds in the size chart. According to it, a French Bulldog will feel comfy in a Small-sized hoodie. However, we still advise you to measure your Frenchie and see if the S size is a good fit.

This French Bulldog hoodie is made of a mix of polyester and cotton. It’s excellent for everyday use and rather affordable.

French Bulldog Fleece Dog Hoodie

If you need a Frenchie hoodie that will not just look nice but also save your pup from cold weather, this should be your choice. The item made by Expawlorer – a well-known dog clothes and accessories brand. And buyers rarely have a bad experience with the items.

This French Bulldog hoodie is very warm and can protect the Frenchie even from harsh temperatures. The S size must fit your pup well.


Dogs need warm and cozy clothes just like we do. So if you live in an area where winters can be quite harsh, you should think about getting something for your Frenchie. Since French Bulldogs don’t have a rich and warm coat, they need some clothes that will keep them warm.

If you’re a fresh owner of a Frenchie, we suggest you learn more about accessories and essential items for this breed. For example, you might need a French Bulldog crate to travel with your pup. We have a lot of info about this breed, so feel free to study all the articles.