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Best Bully Sticks 2020 (Review)

December 10, 2019
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Best Bully Sticks 2020 (Review)

Does your dog like to chew sticks? If so, it’s good news for you and for it! Chewable treats and toys are an essential alternative for every dog. Also, they might prevent your pup from munching your home appliances. The bully sticks are one of the favorite treats for pets and their owners. So what are the reasons for buying them?

What are the Best Bully Sticks for Your Pet?

Dogs of every breed and size adore munching because to do this is their instinct. And a bully stick is an effective alternative for the furniture, shoes, and other non-dog-friendly objects. It’s also better for your pets’ health, especially for their teeth.

What are the Best Bully Sticks for Your Pet?

However, there is one important thing to know about bully sticks: they don’t last forever, and it’s necessary to renew them every year. So, what type of bully sticks for dogs are the best? A lot of people might say that bully sticks from the USA, South America, and Canada are of higher quality in comparison to those from other countries and regions. But most experts admit that dogs like sticks with some moisture or odor and they are not necessarily well-made.
Remember – you can’t use bully sticks with automatic dog feeders!

Why Should  Your Dog Chew a Bully Stick?

The key reason why you should give your dog a stick is that it is 100% digestible. Your pet can chew it safely without damaging its stomach or teeth. You also shouldn’t panic about blockages that might happen. However, you have to bear in mind that dogs can swallow some pieces of a stick and, as a result, have digestion problems.

You also can give your dog a bully stick together with best dog food or as a treat after. It helps a pet to clean their teeth. It is especially important for older dogs and can be called a serious advantage.

If your pet hasn’t grown up yet, supervision from your side is needed. It prevents the blockages in the stomach of your puppy in case they chew too much.

Redbarn Bully Sticks


Redbarn is the main leader in producing bully sticks in the world. It started its activity 20 years ago. The product has beef muscle from grass-fed cattle, and they include only one ingredient – beef pizzle. The other thing is that the company proposes different types, shapes, and sizes of sticks for dogs, which they can chew easily. It can be handy if you have a smaller dog.


Customers who bought this brand for their dogs liked it a lot! Most of them mentioned that its natural scent and digestible protein and that prevents choking hazard for your lovely pet. Do you want to try it? If so, don’t hesitate to visit its official website and find out more about it!

Best Bully Sticks Brand


The product has natural ingredients that protect dogs’ teeth. It prevents the build-up of plaque and helps your pet to keep a fresh breath. In addition, when your pet chews it, he or she may feel calmer minimizing the appearance of nutrition disorders. Also, the package has 25-50 sticks which are low-fat and thus are useful for dogs with obese problems.


Some pets’ owners don’t like the smell of the sticks, but this product doesn’t have it at all! What a surprise you might think, right? The main explanation of that is this product doesn’t contain any chemicals, and it is digestible for 100 percent. Therefore, it’s safe for your furry friend to chew it even daily.

Bully Sticks Supreme Odor-Free

Believe it or not, but it doesn’t have any chemicals and preservatives. This product is rich for proteins, and it’s grain-free. When a pet chews the stick, it removes tartar and plaque from their teeth. So, it can be called good prevention of canine tooth decay. The other benefit of that brand is that dogs’ breath doesn’t smell like chewing sticks.


Customers reviews about Bully Sticks Supreme Odor-Free are mostly positive, and pet owners praise it a lot! The absence of smell and chewing effects on a dog are the important advantages of this product. Are you interested in trying it? If so, order some and see if your dog will like it.

Patriot Pet Bully Sticks


It’s a 100 percent natural product, and this characteristic makes this brand competitive in the pet food market. Its high-quality standards and low odor are important features for dog owners. The product also doesn’t contain fat and doesn’t smell. The main advantage of this product is that it’s beneficial for dogs with obesity issues. Also, according to numerous reviews, it makes chewing pleasant and fun for your pet.


Customers praised Patriot Pet Bully Sticks and admitted that their pets enjoyed chewing it! In particular, dog owners pointed out such great features of the product like low-fat percentage and lack of sharp smell. Most clients also told that buying it was a sure-fire solution for their dogs who have diabetes.