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We want our beloved pets to be happy and healthy all the time, even when we have to stay away from home all day long. The best way to monitor and control your canine remotely is a pet camera. Modern dog cameras offer a lot of features and capabilities in addition to surveillance. They can track and measure pets’ activity level, take photos and video, act like dog toy balls, and, finally, they can be combined with automatic dog feeders. These smart devices help dog-fanciers to be sure that their doggies spend time in the best way when they are alone. In our pet monitoring cameras review, we’ll tell you about the five most interesting modes of best pet cameras in 2019.

Best Dog Camera 2019: LOVOOM Pet Monitoring Camera

Premium Choice: LOVOOM Pet Monitoring Camera
LOVOOM Pet Camera: Kibble Tossing Play, Wi-Fi Kibble Cam with Pan Zoom Two Way Audio Remote Control for Dogs and Cats (Black)
LOVOOM Pet Monitoring Camera
$169.00 / $288.00
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  • supports all types of remote communication;
  • a possibility of adjusting direction and distance of treat dispensing;
  • a panoramic viewing angle;
  • no cloud recording;
  • no night vision mode;
  • not for outdoor use.

If you want an all-in-one device for communicating with your pet, then LOVOOM Pet Monitoring Camera is a great option to consider. This sleek device combines the features of a treat dispenser and a remote surveillance cam.  Thanks to its panoramic viewing angle, you can see the entire room on the screen of your smartphone. The rotating tosser allows throwing treats in various directions and at various distances, making your pet stay active. Keep in mind – LOVOOM Pet Camera monitor is one of the best dog cameras by amazon dog camera rating in 2019.

Apart from being a remote treat dispenser, this device serves as a surveillance best pet monitoring camera. It allows live streaming of HD video with sound and recording video clips on a smartphone. The feature of 2-way communication is also on board, which means you can talk to your pet and hear him answering you. The device has a sleek ergonomic design: its weight is about 2 pounds, and its dimensions are 5.5 x 5.7 x 6.3 inches. Play with your pup, deliver treats to him, and make funny videos or snapshots with one of the best dog video camera in 2019!

Key features:

  • A rotating treat dispenser.
  • An HD wireless pet camera with 720p resolution.
  • Live streaming in HD quality.
  • The feature of 2-way communication.

The Runner-Up Dog Camera: Petcube Play

Runner Up
Petcube Play Pet Cam
Petcube Play 1080p Video Pet Cam
Lightweight Modern Pet Cam With HD Video Recording And A Laser Toy
$145.00 / $199.00
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  • a wide viewing angle of 138 degrees;
  • HD 1080p video;
  • free storage of up to 4 hours of video;
  • for indoor use only;
  • no mounting tripod included;
  • no food/treat dispenser.

Petcube brand is relatively new on the market, but it has already gained popularity due to its innovative solutions. Its dog monitor is, probably, the smallest smart cam for pet tracking. Apart from its really sleek design, it has a bunch of useful features. The dog cam is capable of recording video in 1080p quality and saving it to the cloud storage. It has a rather wide viewing angle of 138 degrees that allows visual embracing of the entire room. The night vision mode is as great as in the Nest Security wireless pet camera monitor. That said, it is outperformed by Nest in terms of zooming capabilities – just 3x against 8x. We recommend this pet camera like best indoor dog camera ever.

The device is lightweight and smalljust 1 pound and 3.2 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches. The distinctive feature of the Petcube home pet camera is a red laser toy. Does your pup likes playing? Let it play at any time, even if you’re away. Also, this is a good way to make lazy canines move more. 

Built-in motion and sound sensors send you alerts when something goes wrong or your pup’s activity becomes suspicious. Finally, the doggie cam offers the feature of two-way communication – you can talk to your friends and hear what it wants to “say” to you. 

The unit features a standard tripod mount of its rear side, so its installation is simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, it comes without a tripod.

Check whether your device meets the connectivity requirements. This pet monitoring system is compatible with iOS 9.3 or higher and Android 5.1 or higher, as well as Alexa.

Key features:

  • Night vision, sound & motion sensors.
  • Two-way communication.

Best Budget Pick: Zmodo EZCam Dog Camera

Best Budget Choice: Zmodo EZCam
Zmodo EZCam 720p HD IP Camera, Wi-Fi Home Security Surveillance Camera System with Night Vision, Motion Alert, Remote Monitor
Zmodo EZCam
Small Pet Camera With Panoramic Viewing And Two-Way Communication
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  • affordable and reliable;
  • the feature of continuous video recording;
  • 2-way communication with a noise reduction feature
  • can’t be used outdor
  • hasn’t remote feeder
  • hasn’t treat dispenser

For those looking for simplicity, Zmodo dog monitor cam is a first option to consider. This HD pet camera can stream HD video with 720p resolution or record video clips and save them to the cloud. The feature of 2-way communication allows you to communicate with your pet or other family members. There is a night vision mode with the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity. With a reasonably wide viewing angle of 115 degrees, you will be able to capture most of the room, and the 4x digital zoom feature will help to see smaller details.

The unit measures 2.95 x 2.61 x 4.17 and has the weight of just 0.25 pounds. It is incredibly easy to mount, so that you can install it anywhere. After that, install an pet camera app on your smartphone with iOS 7 or Android 4 and up and enjoy tracking your pet in a real-time mode. Alternatively, record video 24/7 and save the footage in the cloud (available for premium plans only). The Smart Alert feature makes the cam create short clips every time a suspicious motion is detected. The clips are stored for free for 12 hours.

The device can’t be used as a remote feeder or treat dispenser. Also, it is not intended for outdoor use. At the same time, its simplicity is a plus, as it adds reliability. Thanks to its simple construction, the cam just has nothing to break down. 

Key features:

  • 720p video recording and streaming.
  • A viewing angle of 115 degrees.

Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser: Furbo Dog Camera

Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser
Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)
Furbo Dog Camera
Pet Camera With Treat Dispenser For Full-Fledged Remote Communication
$199.00 / $249.00
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  • an ultra-wide viewing angle(160-degree);
  • Full HD video streaming;
  • 4x digital zoom
  • no free cloud video recording;
  • a night vision mode is not great;
  • for indoor use only.

Furbo dog camera is more than just a device for remote pet surveillance. Our Furbo Dog Camera review will show all aspects of this product. It’s a complex interactive digital tool that allows you to see your doggie, hear to him, talk to him, and even give treats to him. Its principle of working is simple and really smart. As with most pet cameras, you first need to install an pet camera app on your smartphone. After that, mount the dog cam itself, switch it on and connect it via Wi-Fi to your home network. That’s all! Wherever you are, at any moment of time, just tap the screen of your smartphone and interact with your pup in any way you like. Take fast snaps of your furry baby, talk to him, and dispense dog’s treats to raise his spirits a little. The cam is medium-sized but lightweight and ergonomic. With the dimensions of 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches, its weight is just 2.09 pounds.

When it comes to tech specs, Furbo boasts a wide 160-degree viewing angle, which gives a lot of freedom in terms of the cam placement. It allows to stream live video in Full HD 1080p format and record video clips on the phone during streaming. The option of cloud recording is available if you buy a subscription. You can also zoom the picture right on the screen of your smartphone – the interactive pet camera has a feature of 4x digital zoom. Thanks to the night vision mode, you can monitor your pup at any time of day.

Key features:

  • All types of remote communication are supported.
  • A smart treats dispenser is controlled from the dog camera app.

Best Dog Camera Ball: Vimtag P1 ULTRA 

  • 360 degrees viewing angle;
  • very small and lightweight;
  • HD 1280 x 960p live video with the night vision mode available.
  • no free cloud recording;
  • for indoor use only;
  • sound quality is average.

Vitmag is often described as the best interactive pet camera to watch dogs for indoor use. It has plenty of features that will make your remote communication comfortable and effective. Once you’ve installed an dog camera app on your iPhone or Android, you can stream live HD video with 1280 x 720 resolution, capture funny pictures of your pup, talk to him and monitor his activity throughout the day. Besides, like most dog cameras, Vimtag supports the night vision mode, which is convenient for those pup owners who have to stay away at nighttime. Additionally, it is equipped with motion and sound sensors for more effective tracking of the pets’ activities. The viewing angle of this rotating ball cam is 360 degrees, which means it provides 100% coverage.

Other features that are worthy of mentioning include a 4x digital zoom and a built-in mic for two-way communication. It can record video and send the footage to the cloud but this is a paid option. The home pet camera itself is very small and lightweight (1.4 x 1.4 x 2 inches and 15 ounces).

Key features:

  • An affordable and effective device for an easy remote tracking.
  • Provides the most complete coverage of the entire room.
  • It is very easy to use and control via a dedicated app.

Best Dogie Camera For Vast Territories: Nest Security Camera

Best For Large Territory
Nest Security Camera
Nest Security Camera (4 pack)
Amazon Bestseller with Night Vision Mode and Sound Speakers
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  • a wide viewing angle of 130 degrees;
  • the two-way communication feature;
  • for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Live video in HD quality with a possibility of recording.
  • no treat dispenser;
  • cloud storage is expensive – $30 for 5 days of video per year;
  • not theft-proof.

Nest Security is a smart dog cam that allows easy real-time tracking of your pup’s activities. This is top pet security camera by pet-store market.  It is exceptionally easy to set up and use. Just mount the pet cam on the wall, switch it on, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, install a dog cam app, and stream live video on your smartphone. It is compact and lightweight (2.8 x 2.8 inches and 11 Oz), so you can place it virtually anywhere – indoors and outdoors. Mind that the unit comes without food or treat dispenser. It is for surveillance only; no remote feeding.

The device has a wide 130-degree view angle and the night vision feature, thanks to which you will be able to check what your doggie is doing even at night. There is a possibility of two-way communication: not only do you see your pup, but also can talk to him! On top of this, the doggie cam can record video in HD 1080p format and save it in the cloud for you could watch it later. A powerful 8x zoom feature is on board.

Another nice feature of the dog cam is a built-in sound and motion sensor. As soon as it records unusual activity, it sends you an alert via the dog camera app, so that you could check what’s going on. Currently, the Nest Security dog camera has 4.2 stars on Amazon and is one of the best sellers in the category of pet monitor cameras.

Mounting the camera is easy. You will need a Phillips screwdriver with two types of drill bits – 3/32 in. for making pilot holes and 7/32 in. for making wall anchors. Screw a metal plate to the wall and attach a mounting magnet to it. Place the cam onto the magnet and adjust the viewing angle. Install process takes 5-10 minutes. The construction is simple and effective but, unfortunately, not theft-proof.

Key features:

  • A superb night vision mode.
  • Working motion and sound sensors.
  • Voice communication support.

Best Outdoor Night Vision Dog Camera: Rraycom 8CH Security Camera

Best Outdoor Night Vision Dog Camera
Outdoor Night Vision Dog Camera
Rraycom 8CH Security Dog Camera System
1080P Lite 5 in 1 DVR with 1TB Hard Drive and (8) 1080P HD Outdoor/
$235.99 / $259.99
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  • High-quality image
  • Powerful night vision
  • Remote access
  • Live streaming
  • Not wireless
  • The app doesn’t work properly
  • Not quite easy to setup

With 1080P resolution, this pet camera will provide you with an excellent image showing what’s going on with your pet. The live mode streams the video in 1080P HD resolution. And the recordings are stored in 1080P lite. This camera for dogs is enhanced with the powerful infrared vision that allows capturing the clear image up to 115 feet away in complete darkness.

This night vision dog camera comes with the 8-channel DVR that is compatible with AHD, CVBS, TVI, CVI, and even IP cameras. Therefore, you can create a whole surveillance system adding your old cameras to the set. The DVR is enhanced with the 1TB hard drive for all your recorded videos.

You can view the image from the monitor if you connect the system to it. Also, you can download an app that works on Android and iOS, and view recordings or live stream from your mobile device. If you want to watch videos from your PC, you can do that as well. 

Additionally, this pet camera allows blocking certain areas. And the face detection feature makes this device not just a camera for dogs, but a system that can protect you from trespassers. 

Rraycom 8CH Security Camera is weatherproof. Thus, it is suitable for outdoor surveillance, too. This pet camera is not wireless – it is connected to the system with the BNC cable.

Best Indoor Dog Camera: Petcube Bites

Best Indoor Dog Camera
Best Indoor Dog Camera Petcube Bites
Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser
HD 1080p Video Monitor, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Sound and Motion Alerts
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  • This pet camera is wireless
  • Allows interacting with a pet
  • Dispenses treats
  • High-quality image
  • The free cloud storage is quite limited
  • Some users have issues with WiFi connection
  • No access to the interface or operating system

If you want your pet to feel not alone when you’re away, Petcube Bites might be the right choice for you. This amazing indoor pet camera allows to not only monitor the activity of the animal but to give it treats, too. Imagine how much better you will be able to train your dog! With Petcube, you can see when it shows the desired behavior and reward it instantly with treats. The capacity of the storage is 2lbs. Moreover, you can talk to your pet – the two-way audio allows interacting with each other.

This dog camera with treat dispenser captures the image in 1080p HD resolution and has a wide 138-degree angle view. Also, this device offers the night vision for the monitoring in darkness. And the 3x zoom allows users to see the details. You can set up sound and motion alerts as well if needed.

Petcube offers free cloud storage for your videos. Using it, you can replay the last four hours of footage. The storage doesn’t require any subscription, although it is quite limited. If you need more, Petcube offers different subscriptions.

This pet camera is compatible with Alexa and requires iOS 9.3 or Android 5.1 and higher for the app to work properly. Thanks to the Amazon dash replenishment you will receive new treats automatically as the storage is running low.

Best Wireless Dog Camera: Monitor Wireless Security Camera System

Best Wireless Dog Camera
Hiseeu 8ch Wireless Home Dog Security Camera System
All in one with 10.1" Monitor Wireless Security Camera System. 4pcs 2.0MP 1080P Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera,Remote View,1TB Hard Drive
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  • Can be expanded up to 8 cameras
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Solid 1-year warranty
  • Can be accessed from different devices
  • You can’t order just one camera
  • No rewind function
  • The movement detector doesn’t work properly

Even though this surveillance system comes as a set of four cameras, users can expand it up to eight cameras for better coverage. It comes with the 8-channel NVR and 1TB pre-installed hard drive for all your footage. This wireless pet camera captures the image in 1080p resolution and is completely waterproof, which allows using it for outside surveillance. The night vision allows capturing the image even in complete darkness. The infrared detector can capture the image at the distance of 20-28 feet.

You can view the live video from your mobile device – both Android and iOS-based. All you need to do is to download an dog camera app, register the account, and connect your device. Also, you can view videos from your computer with Windows or macOS operating system. However, you will have to install additional software to work with cameras from the PC or MAC.

This pet camera comes with a 1-year warranty that includes parts replacement for free. Also, users get lifetime tech support.

Amazon Best Buy Dog Camera: Pawbo Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Amazon Best Seller Dog Camera
Amazon Best Buy Dog Camera Pawbo Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser
Pawbo Wi-Fi Pet Camera
720P Interactive Wireless Pet Treat Cam & Treat Dispenser
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  • Treat dispenser
  • Built-in laser for playing
  • Two-way communication
  • Easy to setup
  • No night vision
  • Some users have connection issues
  • Works only with tiny treats

This pet camera is a great choice if you need a gadget that will allow you to interact with your pet when you’re away. Pawbo dog camera offers two-way communication for you to talk to your dog from anywhere. Also, different sound effects help to get the attention of your pet and a treat dispenser. The built-in laser dot brings the remote interaction to a new level allowing you to play with your dog.

This camera for dogs can capture and stream video in 720p resolution. To access and control it, you need to install the Pawbo app that is compatible with iOS and Android-based devices. All the video this pet camera captures can be downloaded directly into the Dropbox account you connect to the application. Unfortunately, this device can’t capture the image in darkness since it is not enhanced with the night vision. But it is an excellent solution for dog owners who spend their daytime at work and want their dogs to feel less lonely.

Other Cameras we Review:

1080p Dog Camera: Heimvision HM205

If you want to spy on your dog with ultimate comfort, take a look at Heimvision HM205 camera. Heimvision has all the top-notch features such as 1080p HD camera with all-day live streaming, 360-degree coverage, Wi-Fi, and real-time two-way audio connection.

What’s cool about the Heimvision camera is the night vision which allows you to reveal all the dark secrets of your dog. This dog camera is augmented with several motion sensors ensuring to capture every movement of your pet. Indeed, you can use Heimvision HM205 as a security camera indoors because it can send an alert when some specific motion is detected. But you’ll have more fun spying on your furry friend.

Heimvision dog camera supports microSD cards (up to 128 GB) for video storage. An alternative option is Amazon’s Cloud Storage Service which is available one month for free and stores up to 72 hours of video. Then you will be able to extend Amazon’s service and choose a suitable plan. If you’ve already got Alexa, you’ll find it super handy that Heimvision HM205 is compatible with this assistant. So you can control the dog camera both using an application or voice command. Note that when using an app for the first time, choose the “Register” option at first, not “Login.” Following the instructions will help you to quickly setup the camera.

  • night vision mode
  • compatible with Alexa
  • 360-degree coverage
  • setup is not 100% intuitively clear
  • infrared might glare off a window or other reflecting surfaces

Dog Camera With Treat Dispenser: SKYMEE SM-02 

Dog Camera with a Treat Dispenser
dog camera with treat dispenser
SKYMEE SM-02 Dog Camera Treat Dispenser
SKYMEE SM-02 will please you with a two-way audio connection so you can talk to your dog anytime.
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If you are looking for a device that is more than just a simple dog camera – here is a great option to consider. SKYMEE SM-02 will please you with a two-way audio connection so you can talk to your dog anytime. Also, your pet won’t stay hungry because the SKYMEE SM-02 dog camera also serves as a feeder. The only limitation here is that you’re supposed to use only dry food, no fresh meat. However, if you’re about the natural menu, you can use some dry treats just to please your pet when you’re not around.
Everything is controlled through the SKYMEE app that users find easy to use. In addition to video streaming, night vision is also there to see what’s going on up to 15-20 meters around. The impressive feature is a built-in blue light (as dogs can see only blue and yellow) to signal your dog about your presence. As soon as you plug in the device, it takes a few minutes to set up, and you’re ready to be with your dog 24/7.

  • can be used as a feeder
  • signals your dog that you’re near
  • night vision
  • user-friendly app
  • no movement detection
  • no battery, needs to be plugged in

Best Products Smart:

Pet Feeder with HD dog Camera
dog camera, pet camera with a feeder, wifi app dog hd camera
Best Choice Products Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with HD Camera
Products Smart dog camera provides an optimal balance of functionality for an affordable price.
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Products Smart dog camera gives an optimal balance of functionality for an affordable price. The built-in feeder allows you to schedule up 1-4 meals a day using the app. You can either feed your dog when you’re out or reward him with some additional snacks. The microphone will let you hear your pet having fun, and a speaker will play a recorded message for your dog. Your lovely pet will get to know how you miss him!

What’s great is that there are two power options, including a plug and a battery. You can move the device around the house and prevent your pet from being hungry in case of a power outage. Speaking of the essential feature, this dog camera has a wide-angle lens covering 130 degrees. However, there is no night vision option, so you might never know what happens to your leather shoes when you’re asleep.

  • scheduled feeder
  • power battery
  • easy control through an app
  • two-way audio connection
  • no night vision
  • limited coverage of the lens
  • not water-resistant

Best Lefun Dog Camera: Lefun 1080P

Wireless Dog Camera with Sound Detect Motion Tracking
Pet Camera, dog camera 1080p
Lefun 1080P
Lefun 1080p is an excellent solution if you're into super functional and easy to control devices.
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Lefun 1080p is an excellent solution if you’re into super functional and easy to control devices. This dog camera gives you live streaming of high-quality video in 360 coverage, and 8x zoom. Night vision is also there to give you a very clear picture. Lefun dog camera is also one of the smartest solutions because it has built-in encryption of the data. No stranger will see your dog without your permission! And you can make this dog camera accessible to eight devices – great for your friends who are not allowed to have a dog in the rented house!

Of course, Lefun 1080p has a two-way audio connection, so neither you nor your pet feel lonely anymore. Also, it has sound and motion sensors to allow the device sending alerts to you just in case you want to know that something is going on. Such features as Wi-fi connection, up to 128 GB storage, and integration with Alexa will make your user experience even more impressive.

  • responsive sound and motion detection
  • easy setup
  • 360-degree coverage
  • some users mention bugs in the app

Best WOPET Smart Pet Camera:

Full HD Wi-Fi Dog Camera with Night Vision
HD dog camera with food dispenser, camera for pets
WOPET Smart Pet Camera
WOPET Smart Pet camera is more than just a means of surveillance – it is waterproof and can stream 720p videos
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WOPET Smart Pet camera is more than just a means of surveillance. Even though it does not give you 360-degree coverage, its lens produces a wide-angle picture in 720p resolution with an option of 4x zoom. What’s great is that a high-quality picture will reach you both day and night. The two-way audio connection of this dog camera allows you to call your dog and hear his or her joyful answer. Also, it is waterproof, so you can be sure nothing bad happens with this dog camera. And even more – you can treat your friend with a piece of yummy snack because WOPET Smart dog camera has a built-in container for dry food.

What you need to setup is to plug in this dog camera, install WOPET free app on your phone, and use QR code authentication to align WOPET Smart Pet with your phone. When your dog does something awesome, you can record the video on your phone and share both videos or photos via social media.

If something goes wrong with the device, you might get a 100% refund within 30 days. Also, WOpet customer support is available 24/7, and the manufacturer provides you with a 12-month warranty.

  • feeder dispenser to please your dog with snacks
  • super easy and quick setup
  • recording video with your phone
  • live streaming day and night
  • no motion detection
  • no 360 coverage

Best Home HD Dog Camera System

IP Dog Camera 1080P with Night Vision
wireless dog camera, wifi, 1080p pet camera
Home HD Wireless Security Camera
Home HD Wireless Security Camera is for you if you want not only watch your dog but also keep your home secure.
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Home HD Wireless Security Camera is for you if you want not only to watch your dog but also keep home secure. A wide-angle lens provides 355-degree coverage with a 90-degree tilt so you can see every corner of the room. You control the tilt along with some other functions using the app. You can store the 1080p video using up to 128 GB microSD card.

Real-time two-way audio connection ensures that you keep in touch with your pets or any other creatures attending your house. What’s more, there a real-time movement alert so you get notifications when something weird is going on in the house. Even if you’re out of reach, someone else can check out the video stream because a connection to the Home HD Wireless Security camera is available simultaneously for several users. Water-resistance of this dog camera is also a plus. Setting up the Home HD Wireless Security Camera is easy as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and a spare power socket.

  • motion detection and alarm alerts
  • 360-degree coverage
  • multi-user sharing
  • no battery, needs a wired power supply

Best SANOXY Wireless Dog Camera

Wireless 1080P IP Camera For Dogs
SANOXY Wireless 1080P IP Camera
SANOXY Wireless Dog Camera
Sanoxy full HD home camera with 1080P resolution, the live stream can be accessed via iOS/Android mobile Phone, Windows PC and Apple Mac Software
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SANOXY Wireless Dog Camera provides you with instant access to your pet’s territory. With an app installed on your phone or its web version for PC, you receive a 360-degree panoramic view in 720p resolution. Night vision mode keeps your pet under surveillance when he does not expect it!

Motion detection of this dog camera is also a great tool not to miss any crazy activities of your dog. Wi-Fi connection is smooth and reliable, which keeps live streaming and a two-way audio connection uninterrupted. However, This Dog camera with huge view angle needs to be plugged in, and there’s no alternative power option.

After plugging in this dog camera, you align it with the app on your phone – that’s all for setup. The maximum storage of dog camera supported is 64 Gb microSD card, but it should be sufficient for 720p video. The card might be included in the packaging as a payable option.

  • full 360 coverage
  • motion detection and notifications
  • access to live streaming via a web browser
  • limited storage for video

Best Kasa Indoor Camera For Doogs

Smart Pet Camera with Wi-Fi
dog camera, pet camera
Kasa Indoor Camera
The two-way audio connection of Kasa Indoor Camera allows you to talk to your pet anytime, and sound or motion alerts ensure you don’t miss anything exciting
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Kasa Indoor Camera suggests great functionality for all pet lovers. You enjoy looking at your dog fellow in 1080p resolution 24/7. Even though this dog camera does not cover 360 degrees, the wide lens leaves nothing out of your vision. Except, maybe, for a ceiling.

The two-way audio connection allows you to talk to your pet anytime, and sound or motion alerts ensure you don’t miss anything exciting. What’s excellent about this dog camera alert feature is you can customize zones where sensors should respond in.

If you’re concerned about security, you should know that Kasa Indoor Camera does not share the data with third parties and secures your information using industry-standard encryption. The camera supports connection to Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use these devices to see live streaming as well.

To store fantastic footage, you can use a subscription to the Kasa cloud service. The Plus plan provides you with 14 days of Video History 14GB (approximately 60 hours) of Memory Limit for $4/month or $40/year. The Premium plan doubles the storage for $7/month or $70/year.

  • data encryption
  • customizable zones for sound or motion alerts
  • compatible with Alexa and Google assistant
  • need to subscribe to cloud storage
  • some users complain about white noise produced by the camera unless the volume in down

Small Indoor Dog Camer: 1080P Indoor Security Camera

You will love Dog Camera – 1080P Indoor Security Camera if you’re fond of high-quality video and just love your dog. The quality of 1080p is so great that the manufacturer suggests amateur filmmakers using this device because it gives a beautiful wide angle and stabilizes a shot.

Unlike many other security cameras or dog cameras, it has a rechargeable battery that allows shooting everywhere. Such features as self-timer and continuous shot allow making great dog walk videos when you are interrupted from time to time and don’t want the battery to run out too soon.

When using as a dog camera, you setup with an app and enjoy the two-way audio connection and live streaming. Also, you can get notifications based on motion detection. NETVUE application works only on mobile devices. The video storage options include either microSD card up to 128 Gb or Cloud storage available on Amazon AWS. The cloud space is limited to the store 24 hours for 14 days.

  • video of high film-like quality
  • filming features
  • rechargeable battery
  • motion detection
  • access only through mobile devices

Best Pawbo Dog Camera: Pawbo Life

Life Dog Camera
wi-fi pet camera, dog camera
Pawbo Life Dog Camera
Pawbo Life dog camera allows you to watch 720p video on your mobile device and can share adorable images on social media
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When you see Pawbo Life Dog Camera, you know that it was created specifically for you and your awesome dog! It does not look like a surveillance device but rather resembles a nice kid toy. Well, it allows playing with your dog using laser and reward him or her with a dry snack.

The two-way audio connection of this dog camera allows you having super philosophical conversations with your furry fellow. You see instant 720p video on your mobile device and can share adorable images on social media. This wireless dog camera has a 130-degree wide lens with 4x zoom, and you can record or capture from your phone any moment you want.

Also, Pawbo Life Dog Camera a night vision mode that provides you with a colorful picture thanks to built-in LED light. To setup Pawbo, you need to download the Pawbo app and connect your device to the camera. It takes several minutes, and you can enjoy all the Pawbo features!

  • built-in laser and snack container
  • super cute design
  • LED for colorful night mode
  • some customers complain that laser often breaks

Who Should Buy a Dog Monitor

Dog CameraA pet video monitor is a convenient tool for any pup owner who has to leave the pet alone from time to time. But pet video camera becomes crucial if you work all day long or have to stay away on a regular basis. There are several reasons to install a dog cameras for home.

  • Your pup misses you. Yes, it’s that simple. Even if it behaves well, doesn’t bark or crunch the furniture, it can feel very, very lonely. Your voice will calm it down and makes it feel more cheerful. Especially, if you give it some treats, using a dispenser.
  • Dogs, especially young puppies, can run into mischief when they stay alone. There are recorded cases when canines tangled themselves in louver-shutters or cables. They can crawl under the sofa if they are scared and get stuck there. Thanks to dog cameras with audio controller, pet owners know when their dogs are in danger.
  • Canines can misbehave. Barking, chewing, and pooping are bad habits that need to be eliminated. If your doggie is trained, it will listen to your commands even via a dog monitor and stop undesired behavior.

Important Features to Consider

Dog Cam

With a lot of dog cameras on sale, choosing the best one can be quite a challenge. Before buying a pet monitor, check what features it offers and whether you will really need all of them. Here are some basic things to consider.  However, keep in mind that a treat dispenser shouldn’t be used instead of a usual automatic feeder. Also, it will never substitute you or other family members, so don’t take it too seriously. Your pup needs your presence every day. A treat dispenser is just a temporary solution in the situations when you have to stay away all day long.

  • The viewing angle and the field of vision. It all depends on the size and the shape of the room where the dog cam will be mounted. If your pup works around the apartments freely, choose pet cams with the widest viewing angle. There are models that provide a panoramic view, covering the entire room, which is rather convenient.Keep in mind that for vast territories, one camera is insufficient. regardless of its viewing angle. To provide full coverage, you need several fixed outdoor cameras. Knowing a viewing angle, you can figure out what area is covered with a single cam. After that, you can calculate how many cameras you will need. 
  • Two-way communication. It’s for you to decide whether you want just to see your pup or talk to him as well. Many amazon dog cameras are equipped with a microphone, which allows voice communication. But keep in mind that many pups are scared when a dog cam mounted somewhere on the wall begins talking. Moreover, your voice becomes slightly modified, and your dog may simply not recognize it. Some pooches just need time to get accustomed to a talking doggie cam, while others simply go panic every time they hear it.If your pup is not scared of a “talking” camera or treat dispenser, you can try to take it a step further. The feature of 2-way communication means that you can communicate with your dog remotely in the full sense of this word. Just talk to him as you commonly do or give commands and he will “answer” you. Thanks to a built-in mic, you will hear your Fido barking. 
  • A treat dispenser. It may be not the most important element of a dog camera, but obviously an interesting and useful one. Isn’t it cool to treat your pup remotely, right from the office? Most dogs love this feature very much.
    dog with camera
  • Night vision. If your pooch has to stay at home alone at night, you need to know everything is OK. The dog cameras with the night vision feature allow tracking your pets even in the dark. The image quality in the night vision mode varies from one camera to another. It depends primarily on the resolution. To produce a crisp black-and-white picture a cam should have at least 1080p image resolution. Another parameter to consider is the IR range, as it determines the maximum reach of the cameras. 
  • Indoor or outdoor. Owners of outdoor dogs may also want to track their pets. A special outdoor dog monitor will help to do it most effectively. It is convenient when you stay at home and your pup is walking around. No need to go to the window – just look at the dog monitor and check what’s going on right now. 
  • Video recording. Some dog cameras not only stream live video in the real-time mode but also record it either to a cloud or to a memory card. This feature can be useful when, for example, you need to know what happens in particular hours, but have no opportunity to watch it in real time. For example, if an accident happened when you were away, the only way to know the details is to return to that moment and watch it. It is also critical for the owners of guard or patrol dogs who use dog cameras for outdoor surveillance. What about indoor dog camera?  All types of outdoor pet cameras is approach to indoor using.
  • Camera installation. Ease of installation is another important thing to consider. It’s one thing to use a simple mobile camera, such as Petcube Play Smart (you can just place it on the table and switch on.) But it’s totally another when it comes to the installation of a pet surveillance camera system, consisting of several fixed cameras. You need to understand clearly whether you can install them without a specialist’s help, how long does it take, and what surfaces you can attach them to. 
  • Weight and size. The camera’s weight and physical dimensions are its key characteristics. Firstly, they determine the cost of delivery. Secondly, when making a new design of a surveillance system, you need to understand how many and what kinds of cams you will be able to attach to a particular surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pet camera and where can I buy it?
It wholly depends on your needs and preferences. A lot of great models can be found on Amazon. Check the best-sellers and Amazon’s choice cams, read reviews of real users, and make a choice. Our top pick is Nest Security Camera – a highly reliable device from a reputable manufacturer. If you need a dog camera with a treat dispenser, consider Petzi Treat Camera.
Are pet cams expensive?
They are different, but you surely don’t have to spend a fortune on a doggie cam. You can find not bad models at the price of around $30. Some best pet camera options packed with features can cost up to $300.
Can I use an indoor dog camera outdoors and vice versa?
There are some universal models that can be used both indoors and outdoors, but there are not many of them. The majority of indoor cams are not intended for the outdoor use. If you want to track your pets walking, buy a dedicated outdoor pet camera.
Do I have to download an app to use a cam?
If you want to track your pets remotely, you do need to install an app. It is very simple to use and makes it possible to interact with a pup by merely tapping the screen. Take photos, record videos, talk and treat your dog via a smartphone.
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Linda is a passionate writer and a happy owner of 2 pets. She's been writing about pets since 2014 and tested many of the products herself. Expert in her field, Linda knows exactly which products can help pets and their owners have a more pleasant life.

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