A Dog Camera: Make Sure Your Pet Has a Good Time When You are Away


We want our beloved pets to be happy and healthy all the time, even when we have to stay away from home all day long. The best way to monitor and control your canine remotely is a dog camera. Modern dog cameras offer a lot of features and capabilities except for surveillance. They can track and measure pets’ activity level, take photo and video, act like toy balls, and, finally, they can be combined with automatic feeders. These smart devices help dog-fanciers to be sure that their doggies spend time in the best way when they are alone. In our pet monitoring cameras review, we’ll tell you about the five most interesting pet cameras of the year 2019.

Best Overall: Nest Security Camera

Best Overall
Nest Security Camera
Nest Security Camera (4 pack)
Amazon Bestseller with Night Vision Mode and Sound Speakers
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Nest Security is a smart dog cam that allows easy real-time tracking of your pup’s activities. It is exceptionally easy to set up and use. Just mount the pet cam on the wall, switch it on, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, install a dog cam app, and stream live video on your smartphone. The device has a wide view angle and the night vision feature, due to which you will be able to check what your doggie is doing even at night. There is a possibility of two-way communication: not only do you see your pup, but also can talk to him! On the top of this, the doggie cam can record video and save it in the cloud for you could watch it later.

Another nice feature of the dog cam is built-in sound and motion sensor. As soon as it records unusual activity, it sends you an alert via the app, so that you could check what’s going on. Currently, the Nest Security dog camera has 4.2 stars on Amazon and is one of the best sellers in the category of pet monitor cameras.

Key features:

  • Live video in HD quality with a possibility of recording.
  • A superb night vision mode.
  • Working motion and sound sensors.
  • Voice communication support.

The Runner-Up:

Runner Up
Petcube Play Pet Cam
Petcube Play 1080p Video Pet Cam
Lightweight Modern Pet Cam With HD Video Recording And A Laser Toy
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Petcube brand is relatively new on the market, but it has already gained popularity due to it innovative solutions. Its dog monitor is, probably, the smallest smart cam for pet tracking. Apart from its sleek design, it has a bunch of useful features. The dog cam is capable of recording video in 1080p quality and saving it to the cloud storage. It has a night vision mode and a rather wide viewing angle that allows visual embracing of the entire room. The device is lightweight, modern, and very easy to use. The distinctive feature of the Petcube home pet camera is a red laser toy. Your pup likes playing? Let it play at any time, even if you’re away. Also, this is a good way to make lazy canines move more.

Built-in motion and sound sensors send you alerts when something goes wrong, or your pup’s activity becomes suspicious. Finally, the doggie cam offers the feature of two-way communication – you can talk to your friend and understand what it wants to “say” to you.

Key features:

  • High-res HD video recording and streaming.
  • A wide viewing angle.
  • Night vision, sound & motion sensors.
  • Two-way communication.

Best Budget Pick: Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera

Best Budget Choice
Victure Pet Camera
Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera
Small Pet Camera With Panoramic Viewing And Two-Way Communication
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This small security camera is another Amazon’s best seller. Though it is not marketed as a solely dog monitor cam, people use it for their pets tracking. It is a small and lightweight pet video camera with numerous advantages. While being a really affordable solution, it has a lot to be loved for. Due to the wide viewing angle and 360° panoramic viewing, it provides the perfect coverage, letting you see the entire room. Besides, it offers a possibility of 2-way communication, and an anti-noise feature improves the voice quality. Thanks to the night vision mode, the dog camera can be used at the nighttime.

The Victure dog cam records HD video and saves it on the MicroSD card in an encrypted form. This is a smart solution, as even if you lose the card, nobody can watch it. Only the cam owner can open the file in his own Victure account. Among other features of the dog monitor device, there are built-in sound and motion sensors that allow fast recording of any abnormal actions or sounds.

Key features:

  • 1080p FullHD video recording.
  • A rotating head provides excellent panoramic viewing.
  • The mode of night vision available.
  • 2-way communication with an anti-noise feature.
Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser
Petzi Treat Camera
Petzi Treat Camera for Pets
Pet Camera With Treat Dispenser For Full-Fledged Remote Communication
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Petzi dog camera is more than just a device for a remote surveillance. It’s a complex interactive digital tool that allows you to see you doggie, hear to him, talk to him, and even give treats to him. Its principle of working is simple and really smart. As with most pet cameras, you first need to install an app on your smartphone. After that, mount the dog cam itself, switch it on and connect it via Wi-Fi to your home network. That’s all! Wherever you are, at any moment of time, just tap the screen of your smartphone and interact with your pup in any way you like. Take quick snaps of your furry baby, talk to him, and dispense dog’s treats to raise his spirits a little.

Keep in mind, though, that not all sorts of treats are accepted. This particular model can dispense treats up to 1 inch in size. Make sure your doggie’s favorite products are compatible with it to avoid disappointment.

Key features:

  • All types of remote communication are supported.
  • A quick treats dispenser is controlled from the app.
  • Live video in HD format, quick photos.
  • Video is not recorded.

Best Dog Camera Ball: Vimtag P1 ULTRA IP Wireless Network Security Camera  

Best Dog Camera Ball 
Vimtag P1 ULTRA IP Wireless Network Security Camera 
Vimtag P1 ULTRA IP Wireless Network Security Camera 
Affordable Pet Cam With Motion And Sound Sensors And Night Vision Mode (2 Outdoor Cam, 1 Cloud Storage Box)
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Vitmag is often described as the best camera to watch dogs for an indoor use. It has a plenty of features that will make your remote communication comfortable and effective. Once you’ve installed an app on your iPhone or Android, you can stream live HD video, capture funny pictures of your pup, talk to him and monitor his activity throughout the day. Besides, like most dog cameras, Vimtag supports the night vision mode, which is convenient for those pup owners who have to stay away at nighttime. Additionally, it is equipped with motion and sound sensors for a more effective tracking of the pets’ activities.

The upgraded dog monitor device from Vimtag is a successor of its famous Vimtag vt-361, which used to be a best-seller. The P1 ULTRA model entered the market quite recently, but it has already acquired over 400 positive reviews on Amazon.

Key features:

  • An affordable and effective device for an easy remote tracking.
  • HD 1280 x 960p live video with the night vision mode available.
  • Provides the most complete coverage of the entire room.
  • It is very easy to use and control via a dedicated app.

Who Should Buy a Dog Monitor

Dog CameraA dog monitor is a convenient tool for any pup owner who has to leave the pet alone from time to time. But it becomes crucial if you work all day long or have to stay away on a regular basis. There are several reasons to install a camera for dogs at home.

  1. Your pup misses you. Yes, it’s that simple. Even if it behaves well, doesn’t bark or crunch the furniture, it can feel very, very lonely. Your voice will calm it down and makes it feel more cheerful. Especially, if you give it some treats, using a dispenser.
  2. Dogs, especially young puppies, can run into mischief when they stay alone. There are recorded cases when canines tangled themselves in louver-shutters or cables. They can crawl under the sofa if they are scared and get stuck there. Thanks to dog cameras, pet owners know when their dogs are in danger.
  3. Canines can misbehave. Barking, chewing, and pooping are bad habits that need to be eliminated. If your doggie is trained, it will listen to your commands even via a dog monitor and stop undesired behavior.

Important Features to Consider

Dog CamWith a lot of dog cameras on sale, choosing the best one can be quite a challenge. Before buying a pet monitor, check what features it offers and whether you will really need all of them. Here are some basic things to consider.

  1. The viewing angle and the field of vision. It all depends on the size and the shape of the room where the dog cam will be mounted. If your pup works around the apartments freely, choose pet cams with the widest viewing angle. There are models that provide a panoramic view, covering the entire room, which is rather convenient.
  2. Two-way communication. It’s for you to decide whether you want just to see your pup or talk to him as well. Many dog cameras are equipped with a microphone, which allows voice communication. But keep in mind that many pups are scared when a dog cam mounted somewhere on the wall begins talking. Moreover, your voice becomes slightly modified, and your dog may simply not recognize it. Some pooches just need time to get accustomed to a talking doggie cam, while others literally go panic every time they hear it.
  3. A treat dispenser. It may be not the most important element of a dog camera, but obviously an interesting and useful one. Isn’t it cool to treat your pup remotely, right from the office? Most dogs love this feature very much.
  4. Night vision. If your pooch has to stay at home alone at night, you need to know everything is OK. The dog cameras with the night vision feature allow tracking your pets even in the dark.
  5. Indoor or outdoor. Owners of outdoor dogs may also want to track their pets. A special outdoor dog monitor will help to do it most effectively. It is convenient when you stay at home, and your pup is walking around. No need to go to the window – just look at the dog monitor and check what’s going on right now.
  6. Video recording. Some dog cameras not only stream live video in the real-time mode but also record it either to a cloud or a memory card. This feature can be useful when, for example, you need to know what happens during particular hours, but have no opportunity to watch it in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pet camera and where can I buy it?
It wholly depends on your needs and preferences. A lot of great models can be found on Amazon. Check the best-sellers and Amazon’s choice cams, read reviews of real users, and make a choice. Our top pick is Nest Security Camera – a highly reliable device from a reputable manufacturer. If you need a dog camera with a treat dispenser, consider Petzi Treat Camera.
Are pet cams expensive?
They are different, but you surely don’t have to spend a fortune on a doggie cam. You can find not bad models at the price of around $30. Some best pet camera options packed with features can cost up to $300.
Can I use an indoor dog camera outdoors and vice versa?
There are some universal models that can be used both indoors and outdoors, but there are not many of them. The majority of indoor cams are not intended for the outdoor use. If you want to track your pets walking, buy a dedicated outdoor pet camera.
Do I have to download an app to use a cam?
If you want to track your pets remotely, you do need to install an app. It is very simple to use and makes it possible to interact with a pup by merely tapping the screen. Take photos, record videos, talk and treat your dog via a smartphone.
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