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Why pick up the best dog crate?

As a caring dog owner, you want to create convenient and safe conditions for its life. Need to transport your canine companion without being afraid of its escape? Or just want to create a secure spot in your house for the pet to hide and rest? If you want to make more than usual crate – check all types of dog houses.  Then you need to consider buying one of the most convenient and robust dog crates. Dog Crate is a metal/wire/plastic cage made especially for our four-legged friends. Some of the models are designed specifically for transportation, while others are supposed to be placed at home and serve as a retreat or shelter for your furry friend.

A crate can help your dog pet feel comfortable and protected. It’s the easiest way to carry a pet to the vet, drive a car with it in the salon, or protect people from an aggressive pet (or vice versa). Online and regular pet supplies stores offer the whole gamut of dog crates for sale: you can find metal, wooden, and a soft cage, a small or a large dog crate. No matter what’s the breed, size, or age of your pet, you can always find a perfect dog crate.

Now when the stage is set, let’s observe the best dog crates present online:

Top Choice: MidWest Life Stages

Best Overall
MidWest Life Stages Double Door Dog Crate
MidWest Life Stages Double Door Dog Crate
Durable Double Door Dog Crate With Leak-Proof Pan
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  • MidWest Life Stages is made of durable gauge steel and has a tighter wire mesh
  • Double door with two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches 
  • Rounded corner clips
  • The cage can be folded and assembled quickly without instruments
  • Leak-proof pan keeps warmth
  • Convenient handles that go together with the portable dog crate
  • Hinges are not reliable. They can spread open and let the dog out
  • The puppy divider doesn’t work with a double door option
  • The manufacturer doesn’t accept returns
  • Active and larger dogs can break the crate

Being one of the most popular wire dog crates, this model is present in a wide range of sizes starting from (22-inch small dog crates, and finishing by a 48-inch large dog crate). It features a removable double door, a dividing panel, a long-lasting plastic dog tray, the roller feet for more comfortable transportation and floor protection, as well as 1-year warranty. MidWest is the best dog crate for those who need a durable solution that can be easily folded and assembled in a jiffy.

It goes without mentioning convenient handles that go together with the portable dog crate.

Runner-Up: Petmate Sky Crate

Runner Up
Petmate Sky Kennel Dog Crate
Petmate Sky Dog Crate
Indestructible Dog Crate With 4-way Vault Door and a Travel Kit
$219.99 / $269.99
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  • Proper ventilation and visibility from all sides
  • 4-way vault door does not slide and shift
  • Travel necessities are already included in the kit
  • Of all eco-friendly plastic dog crates, this one looks very sturdy and long-lasting
  • The sizes of chart is not accurate. The dog might not fit the crate
  • The handle seems to break quite often
  • The crate itself is too bulky and is not very convenient for traveling
  • The crate is shipped in a bad package and often arrives broken

Want something more robust than wire dog crates? Consider a versatile variant from Petmate: this model is also available in various dimensions so that you can order a small dog crate, medium dog crate, or XL dog crate. Durable, thought-through construction makes it an indestructible dog crate: it features a solid plastic shell, non-corrodible wing-nuts, heavy-duty steel wire, and an interlocking door. Petmate Sky Dog Crate is a perfect dog travel crate that can be placed in a car or carried in hands.

Of all eco-friendly plastic dog crates, this one looks very sturdy and long-lasting. Numerous user reviews prove that Petmate Sky Crate is a genuinely reliable dog travel crate.

Best Budget Pick: HTH STORE 2 Doors Pet Folding Crate

Best Budget Choice
budget dog crate
HTH STORE 2 Doors Pet Folding Crate
Affordable Easy to Clean Collapsible Dog Crate
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  • Foldable construction (no tools required) with a removable tray
  • Dog crate with double door.
  • A handle makes it easy to carry
  • The materials are durable and 100% washable.
  • The space between bars is too wide; some smaller dogs can stick their heads out
  • Can’t be reassembled to create custom space for the pet
  • Not suitable for extra-large breeds over 65 lbs.

Searching for a non-expensive collapsible dog crate? Pay attention to the dog crate from HTH Store. It has only one variety of size: 48  x 29  x 32(inches).Also, consider that this crate is foldable. Thus, it is not as reliable as unfoldable models. It is more tricky to assemble. However, you can fold it and store conveniently when you don’t use it. But due to the foldable construction, it might break under the heavyweights. So if you have a larger breed like an Irish Wolfhound, you need another option. It goes with a convenient handle and is made from solid steel. HTH Store Pet Folding Crate is easy to clean.

Generally, this is a worthy model, but cheap dog crates of this model have pretty wide space between the sticks, so a dog can put a paw or head out – it’s not safe.

Best Large Metal Crate: MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate

Best Large Metal Dog Crate
MidWest XXL Giant Dog Crate
MidWest XXL Giant Dog Crate
Robust Large Dog Crate with L-Bar Safety
$149.99 / $164.92
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  • Drop-pin metal construction with L-Bar on top
  • The protective coating of metal mesh for long-lasting service
  • Heavy-duty 1.5 x 5-inch mesh doesn’t let the dog put out paws or the neb
  • Double door with three secure slide-bolt
  • This collapsible dog crate can be easily folded and stored safely
  • Lacks wheels for more comfortable transportation
  • Hard to assemble
  • Many sharp details can harm the dog

If you own a large pet, choose an XXL dog crate – MidWest offers a functional and safe solution. This is the best dog crate for large dogs. Being a 54-inch long, this extra large dog crate can fit in your giant furry friend (even for dogs weighing over 90 pounds), and won’t restrict its movements seriously. Dog crate construction includes a double door with drop-pin assembly. The plastic pan is included in the package. There’s an L-Bar safety feature for keeping the cage shape. Please, note that two people should assemble this xl dog crate.

This collapsible dog crate can be easily folded and stored safely. It’s a versatile model. However, it lacks wheels for more comfortable transportation: a person isn’t likely to carry the cage in hands, so it should be moved somehow.

Best Large Plastic: SportPet Designs Plastic Dog Crate

Best Large plastic Dog Crate
SportPet Designs Plastic Dog Crate
SportPet Designs Plastic Dog Crate
Plastic Dog Crate For Travelling With Food Container
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  • The construction made of durable plastic is very simple in assembly
  • The metal bolts and nuts are included in the kit for installing the door
  • Two dishes and the food container are included
  • It is approved by IATA Airline
  • Push & turn lock is installed on the door of the XXL model
  • Two handles are attached to the top
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • The crate is too small for large breeds
  • The nuts are not made entirely of metal
  • Wheels seem to break under the weight of the dog
  • Door latches do not work properly
Although plastic dog crates aren’t convenient for storage due to the fact they cannot be folded, this model has a lot of other perks. SportPet crate offers an indestructible dog crate for traveling with ultra-convenient features. SportPet Designs fits in a large pet (over 90 pounds) and is created for traveling by both car and airplane.

So if you wonder which of huge dog crates is suitable for traveling, opt for SportPet Designs. It will ensure exceptional convenience and safety for your pet even during long-term transportation. Thanks to wheels, crate can be moved much easier. Please, note that you can also order a brand soft bed additionally.

If you need pretty much the same option, but a foldable one, opt for SportPet dog crates – they ensure an unbeatable level of security and look stylish!

Best crate for small dogs: Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Crate

Best Сrate For Small Dogs
Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Crate
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  • Openings allow the air to flow freely through the crate
  • The doors can be secured with latches
  • Easy to clean due to the door on the top
  • Simple to assemble by yourself
  • The edges of the openings are sharp and can harm the dog
  • The side door is relatively easy to open while the crate is carried
  • Sometimes the purchase arrives missing some screws

Petmate dog crate has two doors – on top and the side. Therefore, you can place your dog conveniently, clean the cage, and change the pillow in it without any efforts. This crate will be great for traveling – it meets the specifications of most airlines. The plastic is durable enough to handle the dog in safety for a long time.

You can secure the doors with latches so that the animal doesn’t break out or fall out of the crate while traveling. Sides have many openings to allow the air to flow freely through the crate and offer the dog some visibility. This crate will be large enough for Yorkshire terriers, Toy Terriers, Chihuahuas, and a bit larger breeds like Bichons.

It is a quite decent crate that will be good for transporting smaller dogs. However, sharp edges can be dangerous – make sure to check for them.

Best travel crate for small dogs: SunCast Deluxe Pet Carrier with Handle

Best Travel Crate For Small Dogs:
Best travel crate for small dogs
Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier with Handle
Durable Airline Approved Pet Carrier for Dogs -Ideal for Air and Car Travel
$54.99 / $59.99
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  • Meets requirements of airports
  • Made of durable resin and wire
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be fully opened to clean the inside
  • Claps that secure the doors are reliable
  • Is tricky to assemble alone
  • Active dogs might break out
  • The bottom leaks

SunCast dog crate is created to meet the requirements of airlines. Therefore, the chances are high that you will not face any issues using it to travel with your dog on a plane. Which is very important because many crates happen not to fit the rules of the airline you’re flying with. Also, this crate will be great for car travels. 

The handle is very convenient and easy to carry. The door is large enough not just to fit a dog into the crate but to clean the inside as well. The cage comes with the bowl for food and water, which is very convenient. The crate itself is made of resin and wire and is quite durable. This travel crate will be great for small dogs like chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers.

SunCast Deluxe dog crate is great for most cases. However, some airlines might not allow cages with bowls. Also, the bottom leaks, so if your dog urinates in the crate, you might get a leakage.

Who should buy dog crates?

Dog CrateWhy looking for dog crates for sale? This is a multi-functional device that can serve many purposes. First, they are bought for safe traveling. Whenever you go, you can’t just take your dog with a harness – it can quickly run away. Instead, consider buying aluminum dog crates for your pets: you will eliminate the risk of escaping and create a safe personal space.

You can protect your dog even more by purchasing a complete kit to track the dog’s location.

Secondly, wooden dog crates and soft dog crates are bought for indoor use. If you looking outdoor solution – read our outdoor dog kennels review. Dog crate should be a beautiful place of retreat for your furry friend. Every family member needs its corner, and a wood dog crate with soft bed can become your pet’s favorite spot for resting and sleeping. Alternatively, such dog crates can be put outside in your backyard. During summertime, dog crate will protect your dog against sunlight and heat

Dog Crate sizes

Small; 19×13 inches to 30×20 inches Good for Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bichons, Poodles. Will be ok but tight for French Bulldogs, Foxteriers. Price – from $15 to $100
Medium 30×20 inches to 36×23 inches Good for Beagles, Miniature Schnauzers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Scottish Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers. Will be ok but tight for Bull Dogs, Australian shepherds. From $40 to $100
Large 36×23 inches to 42×28 inches Good for Boxers, Cocker Spaniels, Welsh Corgis, Basset Hounds, Bull Terriers.  Will be ok but tight for Labradors, German Shepherds. $35 to $265
Extra Large 42×28 inches to 48×30 inches Good for Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Will be ok but tight for Irish Wolfhounds, Great Dane. Price starts from $100.

Dog Crates Materials Guide:

  • Wooden Crates. Wood is a durable and ecological material for dog crates production . It fits almost any interior since wooden crates can have the most sophisticated designs. However, if the wood is not waterproofed, the cage won’t serve you for a long time. Also, if your dog likes to chew on things, the wooden cage is not an option because the pet will destroy it. 
  • Plastic Dog Crates. It is a truly versatile and rather durable material. Also, plastic crates is very lightweight, that’s why many travel cages are made of plastic. However, plastic will not handle heavy weights. Therefore, such crates are usually not sufficient for large breeds like Labradors and German shepherds, especially if you want to use it for traveling.
  • Metal. If you have an active dog, you should choose a strong material. Metal dog crate is durable enough to handle the energized puppy and will keep it safe. However, watch out for sharp edges and details that can harm the animal. Such crates are usually heavier and much more expensive than other options. But if you need a cage that will serve you for years, the metal one is your choice.
  • Soft crates. Small dogs will feel safe and sound in a soft crate made of textile. Breeds like chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers will fit it perfectly and travel with you on the plane. But even a medium breed like a beagle can tear such crate apart. Also, if your tiny dog is a heavy chewer, opt for other options.

Where to put a dog crate?

Choosing a place for a crate to make sure your pet feels comfortable. Therefore, it should be a spot where there will be not too cold and not too warm. Also, avoid drafts. Otherwise, the dog might catch a cold. So watch your pet and try to determine which spot in the house it likes the most.

Moreover, remember that it should be a safe and calm place for the dog. So try to find a spot where there is not too much action around. The dog must be able to sleep and rest in the crate. The cage should be as stressless and comforting for the animal as possible.

Why shouldn’t you buy used crates?

Used crates are very appealing in terms of prices. They’re much cheaper than new ones. So, understandably, many dog owners tend to stick to used crates. However, it might be not the best option when it comes to durability. 

Remember that sellers that try to sell used products often would withhold all the cons of the crate because they want to get rid of it and receive a decent amount of money for it. So they will emphasize all the positive sides. But when you get the crate delivered, you might see that it is not in such a good condition as you were promised.

Frequently, the used crate will arrive broken, or some parts would miss. Also, since the cage was already used, it will serve you a much shorter period. You will get no warranty, no service support. So stick to new crates. They will cost you more, but you will receive a high-quality product with all the benefits.

Important Features to Consider

When on a shopping spree for dog crates, you need to take into account a few crucial factors:

  • First and foremost, the model should be convenient for your canine companion. Make sure that there’s enough space to stand up, turn and lie. The pan should be stable and waterproof, and the cage should be adequately ventilated.
  • Metal or plastic dog crate? If you need a foldable device, select aluminum or steel models. Plastic crates are not disassembled and require more space.
  • When deciding on the material, make sure it’s eco-friendly dog crate. If your pet is likely to bite and chew on the wire mesh, select models without coating and coloring.
  • If you need a model for traveling, prefer lightweight models with handles and wheels (it’s especially important for owners of big dogs). Plastic models are highly recommended – they correspond with airline company standards (don’t forget to check the requirements before flying with your furry friend).
  • You’ve got a puppy? Buy a cage for its adult size but with a removable divider.
  • If you will install the cage at home, make sure it has a waterproof pan. There’s a large selection of wooden and resin devices that would fit the interior ideally.

With a correctly chosen dog crate, your canine companion will feel comfy both at home and when traveling. Dog crate is the warranty of safety for both you and your puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The choice and use of a dog crate can be a challenging task, especially for new owners. Here are the most popular questions concerning this device.

How to figure out the right size of the cage?
Do not use a one-fits-all approach and don’t buy a medium dog crate thinking that it’s suitable for all breeds! To calculate an appropriate size, measure your pet’s height and length (from tail to neb) and add 2-4 inches. These dimensions should be considered when buying a cage. Note that there should be enough space for a dog to stand up, turn, and lay down - but not too much. There are size charts online to help you make the right choice.
Which material should I select?
It depends on what the cage will be used for. Traveling models are typically metal (for car transportation) and plastic (for airplanes) ones. Ideally, they should be equipped with removable wheels, have bowls and food containers, as well as leaking-proof pans. The models for outdoor use are made of fabric, while indoor cages can be made of wood and metal.
Is divider necessary?
This is optional. As a rule, dividers are required when you have two puppies, or one puppy and want to buy a cage for its adult size. Dividers can be easily removed.
What to pay attention to when choosing a crate?
The mind which security features are present: the door should be locked properly, the construction must have rounded corners and no elements that can hurt the animal. A cage should be adequately ventilated.
Where to put a crate in the house?
Puppies need a lot of attention, so put the cage somewhere you can see the dog – this way, it will feel like a part of the family. As for adult dogs, choose the corner it typically prefers.
How to create comfortable conditions in a cage?
Lay some liner or bedding on the bottom of the pan, especially if you have a metal or plastic model. The device should be easily washed. Place a water bowl inside or nearby, put the favorite pet’s toys and tasty treats inside. Note that puppies are likely to chew on everything they see, so the cage should be cleaned frequently.
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  1. The petmate skydog crate was very helpful when I traveled with my dog. Nice ventilation and visibility from all sides made sure my dog was comfy through the journey

  2. the Midwest life stages dog crate is a good option for me because it doesn’t take time to set it up and it is secure. The rounded steel mesh also prevents scratches because my dog likes to rest his face on the steel mesh

  3. I just got the Midwest XXL giant dog crate and I’d love to know if i can construct some wheels on it for easier transportation or if u can return this to get one with wheels

  4. a plastic dog crate is usually my number one option whenever I’m thinking of getting a durable dog crate. I love plastic dog crates.

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