Best Dog Doors for your Pet and Reasons Why you Need it Installed

Dogs need to be treated well as they are human’s best friends and lovable pets. Here is a list of reasons why you need the best dog door. We will discuss the best dog door types, their special features, and the options to consider when choosing a door for your dog.


Did you consider purchasing a dog door for your dog? Do you feel you owe it to that little pet the best kind of treatment it can ever get?
Some of the thoughts against having a pet door revolve around the fear of a security breach, but dog doors have been through lots of technology advancements. So, the breach problem has long been dealt with.
Several options can help you deal with the breach problem. Of course, you must ensure that everyone in the family is safe, and also your dog.

Why Do you Need a Dog Door?

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The health of your dog should be of great concern. Dogs may find it difficult to come out of the house to relieve themselves when you are busy. For example, they may be forced to keep urine for a longer duration. That can lead to bladder infections or more serious consequences. Pet doors allow the dog to go outside and relieve themselves whenever the urge comes.

Many pets need extra attention, and this can only be gotten when pet doors are available for restrictions. Boredom in pets can lead to behavioral disobedience. With pet doors, this disobedience will be lesser because the dogs will be placed in a confined area.

Having a pet door will increase the chance of survival of your pet during harsh weather conditions. And in cases where your pet is locked outside because of your negligence, they could easily walk their way into the house through the installed door.

There is also the issue of convenience; after your busy day at work, you would not want any pet to disturb you about coming and going out of the house. With the right pet door, you will not need to be the doorman for your furry friend; just install a pet door for your dog.

Now that you have seen the need for a pet door let’s check on the type of pet doors available

Types of Dog Doors

There are different kinds of pet doors, and all these are installed for several reasons and are determined by their importance at the moment. Some dog doors have the option of having double flaps.
The Electronic Dog Doors; this one is usually microchip enabled and majorly controlled electronically. Electronic Dog Doors typically vary in price depending on the features you want.

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There are automatic dog doors that would allow your dog access to the house with a collar attached as its key.

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Doggie door Installed in a Door; these are dog doors installed in the main house entrance.
Other dog doors include Door-Mounted Pet Door, Patio Panels, Custom Dog Door, and Wall Mounted Pet Door.

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How to Choose The Best One for your Home?

There are lots of factors to consider in selecting a dog door, this range from the size to the model of the door you wish to install. But you need to consider the points below before you make your choice.

Where do you want to install the pet door? You should ensure the dog door is not easily assessable by any toddler in the house if you have any.

Do you have enough space to get the door installed in the location you chose? Note, the pet door should be located away from wall studs, plumbing, and other electrical fittings.

What features are you hoping for and how much are you willing to spend?

Your response to these questions will guide you on the type of dog doors to installing.

What to consider when choosing dog doors?


The materials should last long and not diminish with time. Ensure the material is durable and can stand harsh weather condition.


The materials should last long and not diminish with time. Ensure the material is durable and can stand harsh weather condition


Many pet doors may be drafty hence most dog doors usually come with insulated flaps. This insulation prevents air from going through the opening and thus making your home more energy efficient. You could look for doors that have gasket seals for the best insulation.


The biggest problem with other regular pet doors is that other animals can get into your home. I have had neighbors who complained of meeting other cats in their kitchen just a few days after installing their pet doors. It is scary.

But several brands of dog doors solved this problem.
New doors allow only your pet to come in, they use a key fob that is attached to the collar of your pet, and it triggers the door open. There is also the door with microchip access. It uses the microchip instead of the key fob. The vet places the microchip, and the dog will be able to open the pet door.


Your dog is your friend. You have to treat it well and ensure that it gets the best treatment you can afford. Get a dog door installed today for their safety.

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