GPS Dog Collar and Tracker in 2019: Top-5 products and Pro Tips

How did we choose the best dog tracker options?

To help you make the right choice of a dog tracker, we reviewed numerous variants available online and picked up the most reliable and functional ones. We read numerous reviews of dog trackers, checked the list of functions and features available in each case, and have compiled the list of the dog trackers that are truly worth their price.

TOP Choice: Whistle 3 Pet Tracker

Top Choice
Whistle 3 GPS Dog Tracker
Whistle 3 GPS Dog Tracker
Highly Accurate Dog Tracker With Daily Activity Monitoring Function
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If you want to monitor more than just your pet’s location, select Whistle 3. This GPS dog tracker displays animal’s site with very high accuracy, and give you an insight into the daily activity, which helps to make sure that the normal fitness level is supported, as well.

Salient features of this dog tracking collar include:

  • Email, app, and text notifications when your animal companion goes outside the safe place before it runs too far from it.
  • Tracking of daily activity which helps to keep your animal in shape regardless of breed, weight, or age.
  • A long-lasting battery that may live for up to 7 days. The total recharge requires 2 hours only.
  • Waterproof case that can be attached to any harness or collar up to 1” wide.
  • Fast and precise tracking thanks to GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular connection – you may find out pet location in a matter of a few seconds.

Although this is the best GPS dog collar from the point of functionality, there are a couple of drawbacks. First, it is available in the US only, so in this dog, collar GPS covers the US territory only. Secondly, Whistle 3 goes with a subscription plan. 

Runner-Up: Mishiko GPS collar

Runner Up
Mishiko Pet Tracker
Mishiko Pet Tracker
GPS Collar With Worldwide Coverage and AI-Based Fitness Tracking
$65.00 / $67.14
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Searching for a dog GPS collar with worldwide coverage? Then you should consider Mishiko GPS dog tracker. Just like the previous device, this dog tracker combines two in one: it monitors the location and the fitness level. This GPS dog collar was created in collaboration with leading European veterinarians and pro breeders, so it features useful options:

  • A rechargeable battery that lasts 2-3 days and gets 3 hours to be recharged. The package includes a wireless charger.
  • The lightweight and waterproof case that’s attached to a snap lock GPS pet collar. The device may also be connected to a usual harness. 
  • AI-based obesity diagnostic instrument. It evaluates dog body condition and checks out the fitness behavior. Besides, you can set up activity goals and fitness programs.
  • The GPS tracker for dogs works in real time and displays the location in its proprietary app for iOS and Android smartphones. You control the breach alerts and specify safe zones. Logs are generated.

Mishiko GPS collar accurately defines where your pet is being supported in 150 countries. Good news: the service plan is unlimited!

Best Budget Pick: Tractive LED pet tracker

Best Budget Choice
Tractive LED pet tracker
Tractive LED pet tracker
Affordable Minimalistic Dog Collar with LED Lights
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Need a non-expensive pet tracker? The solution from Tractive would be an excellent choice! This is a minimalistic collar that features reflective stripes and would be perfect for walking your pet. It’s adjusted to neck width and has the LED light that’s visible within the distance of 300 m.

Key features:

  • Nylon collar that stretches well adjusts to pet’s neck and comes in 3 sizes.
  • The LED light that shines in 3 modes and doesn’t waste much energy.

Please, note that this is NOT a GPS pet collar! It does not feature a dog GPS system. However, you might buy it separately and attach to the collar.

Best GPS Dog Collar: Tractive GPS XL

Best GPS Dog Collar
Tractive GPS XL
Tractive GPS XL
GPS Real Time Tracking Solution With Worldwide Coverage
$39.99 / $69.99
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This is the best GPS dog collar for big pets (although Tractive offers variations for dogs of different breed and sizes). This dog tracker has everything you need to take proper care of your pet and isn’t too expensive. Numerous reviews prove that the vast majority of users are content with this GPS pet tracker.

So, how do you benefit from it?

  • The rechargeable battery lasts for six weeks (depends on the coverage and signal strength).
  • Worldwide tracking is available in more than 150 countries around the world. However, the precision of GPS dog collar might be affected by buildings, tall forests, etc. The Bluetooth connection has a limited range of action.
  • Tracking in real time: you may keep logs of pet’s activity and movements, and watch the information about puppy location via the unique app in iOS and Android, as well as any browser.
  • The waterproof case of GPS dog tracker makes the device suitable for walking and swimming.

Tractive GPS dog collar requires a subscription plan (the starting price is £ 3.33 / month), and there are different packages available. Buy a sim card to enjoy cellular connectivity. Therefore, Tractive GPS XL is the best GPS dog collar for big and medium-sized dogs and other animals.

Best Dog Camera Ball: PlayDate Toy Tracker

Best Dog Camera Ball
PlayDate Toy Tracker
PlayDate Toy Tracker
Toy Ball With In-Built Camera For Indoors Tracking
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Does puppy love play toys outside? Want to see what the dog is doing while the family is away? Consider buying PlayDate – the first toy dog tracker with a camera inside. This is a rigid plastic ball that will become the favorite puppy’s toy.


  • The ball has a camera inside – it broadcasts what the pet is doing.
  • The device is moved and controlled with the help of a directional touchpad from an application on iOS or Android smartphone.
  • A user may take photos and make videos.
  • The inbuilt microphone transmits the sound, and the ball produces a squeaking noise, too.

This is a great pet tracker for indoor use to keep tabs on the pet while you’re working or traveling. 

Best GPS Dog Tag: Dynotag®

Best GPS Dog Tag
Dynotag Pet Tracker
Dynotag Pet Tracker
Simple Tag Pet Tracking Solution With a Lifetime Warranty
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One of the most popular products from its category, GPS dog tag from Dynotag would be an excellent option for pet owners who don’t want to spend much money. There are not so many GPS tags that have a passive technology, and Dynotag is one of them. How does it work? Activate the tag on the back side of the coin, and enter the contact information. As soon as a person who has found the lost dog scans the QR code, they would be able to contact the owner.

Its key merits include:

  • waterproof case of pet tracker is made of stainless steel and coated with polymers;
  • no electronic tags and batteries, which means the device has a lifetime warranty;
  • visitor log stored in the personal account.

Therefore, Dynotag is one of the simplest and most efficient dog trackers. There’s only one disadvantage about this GPS dog tag: if the pet gets lost, the owner has to rely on people finding it.

Who Should Buy a GPS Dog Tracker?

 Dog Wearing a Pet TrackerNo matter how big or small your pet is, a GPS dog collar won’t hurt. There are many reasons to purchase this device for an animal. First and foremost, it ensured the unbeatable safety of pet: no matter where it goes, you will always locate it thanks to the recent technologies. Even well-behaving dogs can sometimes get distracted by a raccoon or a squirrel, and run away accidentally. But with a GPS pet tracker, you will make sure that it gets home safely.

Are there any other use cases? What if your male dog is an object of interest for many other female dogs walking in a park? Prevent interaction using a GPS pet tracker and keeping the situation under control. Besides, if you have someone to take care of the dog while you’re away, a GPS dog collar will show whether the dog is being walked and played with enough.

Important Features to Consider

Dog TrackersWhat to pay attention to when selecting a GPS dog tracker?

  1. Battery Life. The longer it lasts – the better. It doesn’t let gadget run out of energy right in the course of the walk. The battery should last at least for 24 hours – otherwise, a pet tracker won’t be of much use.
  2. The waterproof case is equally important for a GPS dog tag and a collar. On the street, dogs love swimming, playing in puddles and simply running in the rain. Make sure that the device won’t be affected by moisture.
  3. Real-time tracking. The whereabouts of a dog should be updated in real time. If a signal gets lost in the woods or building, even one minute delay can make finding dog problematic. Make sure that you can always see where the pet is at the exact second.

Subscription service. Note that a decent GPS dog collar usually comes with a monthly fee. As a rule, paid services provide a much better level of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GPS tracker work?
The tracker uses satellites from the Global Positioning System to find your dog regardless of its location. GPS can be checked in several ways: the easiest one is to use smartphones or websites. Dog trackers can be attached to a harness or a collar so that not to disturb an animal – it’s a convenient and easy way to keep tabs on your pet.
Can I use a microchip to detect my pet?
Not exactly. The chip can carry the information about your pet, so if it’s found and examined by vets who notice it, they can contact you. A chip does not connect to GPS. However, it’s still highly recommended to have such chip injected in your pet’s body (it’s usually installed near dog’s shoulder) because in case of loss vets will be able to scan it and contact the owner immediately.
Do I need an app to use a GPS dog collar?
It depends on the type of gadget you buy. Some handheld devices do not require a phone – you can get the information on a website. Some trackers send email notifications about your animal's whereabouts.
Is monthly fee required for dog trackers?
It also depends on the device you buy. Although some gadgets provide information on a website or an app without charging you, practice shows that paid services have great customer service. Ideally, you should get a GPS tracker with a mapping device so that you wouldn’t have to pay for map updating.

Bottom Line

We cannot always keep an eye out on our furry friends, especially when it comes to dogs who are always extremely active in the fresh air. But what we can prevent is a complete loss of animals because modern technologies allow us identifying their location in a matter of a few seconds.

With the best GPS dog collar, you can always find your dog and be sure it’s safe in case of unknown unknowns. Such investment pays off in the long run – it ensures total security and provides real-time information, no matter where your furry friend is. 

With the help of our top products chart, pet owners can make a sensible choice and find the gadget that’s tailored to their budget, preferences, and requirements.

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Linda is a passionate writer and a happy owner of 2 pets. She's been writing about pets since 2014 and tested many of the products herself. Expert in her field, Linda knows exactly which products can help pets and their owners have a more pleasant life.

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