Easy Steps on Choosing the Best Dog Harness for Your Furry Friend

Harnesses are essential for dogs. Especially if you frequently take your pet for a stroll. Here is a list of the types of dog harness there are and how to choose the best dog one for your dog. You will also find out how important take care of your dog.


For a pet owner getting the best harness for the dog is a priority. There are some things you ought to put into thought when considering different types of a harness for your dog. They need to fit the kind, size and the personality of the dog. Personality refers to the disposition that the dog exhibits when walking outside the house or in the neighborhood.

If your dog is large, it will not feel comfortable with a rear-attached harness as it doesn’t distribute its weight well enough. Moreover, it will be more difficult to control the dog. Therefore, you would begin to feel that a no pull dog harness can be the best choice.

There is no rigid rule about the best harness to use for your dog. So, apart from the fact that you need to read the explicit expressions of your dog while on a walk, you may not be able to get the best harness just for it.

Quite a few dogs are aggressive and dominant; therefore, harness that would connect only around the front torso may not be sufficient to restrain them. It may just be enough too but, it all still boils down to the nature of the dog that needs the harness.

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Dog Harness Types

There are several uses of dog harnesses. So, it is necessary that before you purchase any of the dog harnesses, you should let it match the right use. A large dog will need a more sturdy dog harness just as a small dog may wear lighter models.


Previously harnesses were used only with sled dogs. There are two primary functions of a sled dog: either it is for racing or hauling freight. Each of these dogs carrying out this function requires a harness but with different specifications.

There are three different major types of harness

  • The H-back harness
  • The freight harness
  • The X-back harness

However, there are new types of harnesses coming up, this is the Y-back harness, and it is familiar with skijorers.

The freight harness is more like the H-harness that has a broad chest, and it usually comes along with padding. It has a strap resembling a ladder across the back of the dog

The X-back harness creates the X shape on the back of the dog. It is also lighter and shorter than the freight harness. There are some short versions of the harness that sit farther into the front.

The H harness usually comes with more padding for your dog’s comfort.

Ensure to always check the dog harness for any damage. Also, keep an eye on your dogs for any weird behavior. Doing these would help you notice any potential problems that could cause safety concerns.

How to Choose Dog Harness

Sometimes, you may have some difficulties in choosing a dog harness. Maybe you feel your choice is not good enough for your dog. That is a dilemma because there are many kinds of dog harnesses to choose from. However, before selecting a harness, you should know the following information.

A harness is supposed to go over the dog abdomen and the chest. It should also be able to cross over the back. The primary benefit of the harness is to remove pressure from the neck and airway. If this purpose is defeated then, the harness should not be used.


Criteria for the best dog harness are comfort, durability, design, fit, and price. The harness should match the strength of the dog. It should be comfortable for the dog; watch out for limping or any unusual sounds made by the dog after fitting the harness.

When you have a small dog or puppy, then you have to ensure you use a small dog harness. The necks of the puppy are still very fragile. Therefore, it will be better to use a harness instead of a collar. With a harness, they could breathe more comfortable when on a leash.


The dog harness will give you better control while walking with your dog. Dogs cannot leave a harness easily as they do a collar. The harness could also be used to strap the dog to the seat belt in the car. That will help you be at ease since they are safe.

Is a Harness Good for a Dog?

The dog will need a harness to help restrain it from attacking people or other animals during a walk. It takes the pressure off the dog neck and helps to prevent any neck and chest related issues.

The primary advantage of the harness is to prevent any difficulties occurring in the trachea. Itis beneficial if your dog has a habit of pulling.

The harness gives a more significant control over the dog. That helps to keep the dog on the check. It is especially true for dog harness with handle. Both front and the back attaching are good for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Harnesses are good for dogs and can successfully replace collars. But to get the best dog harness for your dog, that you have followed our guide and consider all the features discussed above.

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