Dog House – Comfort and Coziness for Any Dog

Looking for the best dog house for your pooch? With a great variety of products available in the market, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. But don’t worry; we are here to help you make the right choice. After reading this review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about dog houses, and will easily pick the one your pup will love.

Model of a house for your dog should be chosen primarily taking into account its size, breed and individual preferences. Proper location and a properly chosen house are a prerequisite for the psychological comfort of your pet: having a cozy corner, a dog can feel confident, protected and will be sent to his place at the first request of the owner (and this is necessary if you want to have an educated dog). A dog, not accustomed to its place, has all chances very soon to turn into a nervous and sometimes uncontrollable “rod”, which will hinder the owners and bother the guests.

An outdoor dog house is indispensable as a shelter for those animals that live outside but an igloo dog house, for example, can also turn into a cozy place for your pup.  Another reason to look for a dog house for sale is to get a temporary home for an adult dog on long journeys.

Luckily, today you can find a product, which will meet all the needs your dog may have. You can easily get an extra large dog house for bigger breeds, an insulated dog house for pups living outside, a very modern-looking large igloo dog house, and even an air conditioned dog house. Do you have two or more dogs? There are special options and for this occasion – buy a double dog house and your little friends will be happy to live together!

There are loads of option, and before picking a dog house for sale that you are ready to buy, you will need to fully understand what kind of product you want for your small friend. A quality product can be quite expensive; this is why you first need to decide what kind of investment you are ready to do.

Excellent options of canine houses

After reviewing dozens of products we have selected the best 5 products we  recommend to take a closer look at:

Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban

Best Igloo Dog House
Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban
Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban
Durable Igloo Dog House Made in USA
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  • very robust and durable;
  • made in the USA;
  • a special interior protection from wind and rain;
  • air flow coming from the roof for proper vent;
  • Microban material used for bacteria limitation;
  • no tools necessary for assembling.
  • bulky
  • hard to move around
  • circulation depends only on the door and a small hole on the top

This housing is an igloo dog house to your pet, which looks rather unusual, but it has many features you will love. Talking about the dog house look, you can choose between taupe and black color choose schemes. It is available in three sizes – medium, large, and extra-large – and is good for dogs weighing up to 125 pounds. Our version is the XL one, being 51.5 inch X 39.3 inch X 30 inch big and 56.67 pounds. So this is a good option for people in search of a large dog house.

This igloo dog house has been skillfully made to resist any adverse weather conditions. Moreover, it has also been constructed from Microban material for suppression of any spots and smells spreading. Thanks to these features, Petmate Indigo Dog House can be used both as an indoor and outdoor dog house.

Despite it seeming like an awkward option, this dog house is fun and very cozy for your dog. Its door and top-hole are big enough to circulate air. Its construction and material make it very easy to disassemble, clean, disinfect, and reassemble. The perfect, cozy, sturdy, and fresh solution for a dog house.

Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House

Best Traditional Wooden Dog House
Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House
Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House
Traditional-Looking Durable Wooden Dog House
$49.99 / $99.99
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  • cedar wood has an increased resistance to severe atmospheric influences and pests, plus it is absolutely non-toxic;
  • classic aesthetics and an advanced style;
  • the wood is treated with a special compound, which protects it from decay;
  • very durable and at the same time light enough solution, which is very convenient for transporting;
  • the roof of the product has internal protection to ensure the dog house is water-proof;
  • the dog house comes with a guarantee for material and workmanship (for 1 year);
  • assembly takes a little time, and you will only need a conventional screwdriver.
  • may have a paint odor that needs time to weather
  • the wool is not very thick
  • bulky

If you are in search of a traditional dogs house, then this outdoor dog house can suit you. It has excellent qualities and is very resistant to any climate influences and was specially designed for use outside. Still, you can also use it as an indoor dog house. It should be remembered that this product does not have a door.

The product is made of expensive white cedar and has many additional functions that guarantee increased accessibility and complete safety for your favorite pet in any harsh weather. Whether you are looking for a small dog house or need an extra large dog house for your pooch, Arf Frame solution will work for you, as it comes in all sizes. In this assembly, its dimensions are 27.5 x 33.2 x 32 inches and it weighs 30 pounds. 

Give this option a chance, and it will become the cutest and most comfy house for your best friend, The Dog. Do mind the paint odor, so it may require some time to weather; check in with the seller for these details. Otherwise, it is wood; it is insulated, it is spacious, it is gracious – a real dog house

Doggy Den House

Best Outdoor Dog house
Doggy Den House
Wooden Dog House With Increased Internal Ventilation And Reenforced Rain Protection
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  • the housing body has increased resistance to various pests, severe weather and it is non-toxic;
  • the floor is slightly elevated in order to avoid the exposure processes to moisture and reduce its subsequent decay;
  • the product roof has a special reinforcement barking good protection from any rain;
  • Doggy Den House door has a special latch which can be fixed in the closed or open position;
  • very simple assembly with just a screwdriver;
  • beautiful classical appearance;
  • a special holes for increased ventilation and the ability of the dog to see what is happening outside.
  • flimsy latches for doors and windows
  • the roof material isn’t very tightly connected
  • it’s a delicate construction

This product is offered by the same manufacturers that produce the Arf Frame model. It is also made from well-dried cedar wood. The main functions of Doggy Den House are exactly the same as in other similar models. However, this model is equipped with additional features for its better internal part ventilation. Therefore Doggy Den House is best suited to those who have a dog living outside, but it can also be used as an indoor dog house. In addition, this product has a beautiful design and perfectly fits into the exterior or interior of each house. The dimensions for this version are 39.5 x 31.2 x 34.5 inches and its weighs around 58 pounds.

The dog house that will withstand any weather be it scorching, wet, or cold. It has great weather insulation and cute design, in addition to it being spacious and uplifted to enhance longevity and comfort. Go for this option if you want something graceful and comfy for your pet but it to look still classy.

Insulated Dog Palace House

Best Insulated Dog House
Insulated Dog Palace House
Insulated Dog Palace House
ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Palace with Heater & Fan (38.5" x 31.5" x 47.5")
Out of stock
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  • this product is fully insulated both internally and externally;
  • the outer part is made of extra strong polystyrene;
  • there is a built-in window that allows your pet to observe the outside world;
  • the door is closing automatically;
  • this model is raised above the ground to prevent moisture from getting inside;
  • there is a slight slope with an opening inside designed for the situation when your dog happens to go to the toilet inside its house
  • heavy
  • has only a small fan in the back to uphold ventilation
  • bulky and hard to transport

Dog Palace House is one of the most modern models in this market and was designed specifically for those dogs that live outside. This insulated dog house comes with many functions and features that allow you to fully provide everything needed for your dog. There is also build in protection from severe weather and special security measures for your little pet. In addition, this model is the first in which the foam insulation was introduced. This plastic dog house is offered with a lifetime guarantee. It is a rather large dog house which makes it suitable for dogs of any size.

If you want to have an unusual housing decision for your dog, then this is it. It’s very spacious with enough room to rummage inside it. The fan will keep the air circulating inside. It’s easy to un-click and fully clean, and it has a show-spotting design. What else do you need?

One-Touch Portable Folding Dog House Tent

Best Portable Dog House
One-Touch Dog House Portable Folding Tent
One-Touch Portable Folding Tent
Folding Water-Proof Dog Tent With Sunlight Protection
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  • it is a natural air conditioned dog house (thanks to a strong vent system)
  • very light and small in size;
  • fully waterproofed and has sunlight protection;
  • offered with comfortable soft flooring.
  • only suitable for dry, relatively warm weather
  • may fly off during strong gusts of wind
  • more of a ‘comfort solution’ rather than a house

Hey, if you just want a spot for your dog to chill and feel like home while you live in a perpetually warm climate, then this is the solution you’ve been looking for. Easy to assemble, this tent will evoke a sense of safety and comfort in your dog and shield it from unwanted sun and rain.


Do you need a Dog House?

Plastic Dog House

Be mindful while opting for a dog house. Its dimensions and qualities will all matter, depending on the conditions where it’s going to be stationed and on your dog’s size, weight, and personal preferences. A puppy won’t feel comfortable and happy in a grown-sized-dog house.

Choosing the right dog house is essential since your doggie will spend quite a lot of time just resting there, being lazy or bored. It also matters if you are traveling, but we’ll talk about this below. So how does the right dog house look like?

Your dog should be able to change its position, sit, or turn around inside the dog house. It should also be able to do so without hitting its head anywhere. Inside an apartment, a dog house can be a problem, especially if you have a big dog. In addition, a large kennel or dog house can be even dangerous during transportation with your dog inside it. 

Let’s try and decide on the dimensions now. So how long should it be? If you’ve got a big dog, like a Saint-Bernard, then the comfortable length will be somewhere around 56 inches, the height around 28 inches and the width around 24 inches. Such a large dog will be comfortable within such a space.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a dog similar in size to a German shepherd, then the dog house length would be around 47 inches, the height around 19 inches and the width around 19 inches. A dog house similar in dimensions will be suitable for a Dobermann, Dalmatian, and similar dogs.

A bull-terrier, on the other hand, will require a dog house with a length around 35.5 inches, the height around 19 inches and the width around 19 inches, like in the previous case. A chow-chow or a bulldog will feel nice within such a space as well. Dog house dimensions for other dogs are determined in a similar fashion.

What to consider before the purchase?

Big Traditional Dog HouseNow there are a lot of different products variants on the market and therefore, in order not to get lost and make a mistake, you have to clearly understand which model you really want to have. The way a house for you pups looks will probably matter to you. You can choose more traditional-looking options made of wood, modern-looking plastic or tent products or even get an igloo dog house. Anyway, you would want it to be a good fit for your interior design or the architecture of your home in case you need an outdoor dog house.

While your pup probably wouldn’t care about the way his dwelling looks, the material does matter. Here are the main things to consider to make sure your purchase will serve you well and make your four-legged friend happy:

  1. Pay attention to the quality of materials from which the place is made for the dog – it should provide comfort, durability, and ease of care.
  2. A dog house is quickly greased and soiled, so when choosing, give preference to models from which you can easily remove the covers to wash and dry them.
  3. Choose a house with a coating of natural materials – it does not cause allergies and excludes electrification.
  4. Consider getting an insulated dog house for better durability.

That being said, there are several factors you want to consider while choosing a dog house:



Bigger isn’t always better. Owners frequently don’t understand the idea behind the dog house, which is not to create fancy conditions for your dog to live in; this is projecting your desires onto an animal. The idea behind the dog house is to create a recluse corner for the dog where it’ll cool down, warm up, and chill.

Bigger isn’t always better in this case. Outdoor dog houses are meant to keep the dog warm during cold weather, chilled during hotter times, and dry when its humid. Having a big dog house, for example, in winter, will force the dog’s body to give up more of their calories to heat the space as the dog is the only source of heat there.

The dog will treat it as its exclusive point of territory and as a safe space. The only thing they need is to feel cozy and be able to rummage inside, turn around easily. Measure your dog from tail to the beginning of its nose, its height from the top of their shoulder blades to the ground; imagine the dog house dimensions.

Quality materials

Like with anything, quality matters here since you’re choosing a house for a living creature to reside in. Depending on whether the dog house will be inside or outside, you’ll need to consider what kind of materials will constitute the house and its insulation characteristics. 

Everything is sight specific and depends on your needs. The most common materials for dog houses are wood and plastic; sometimes, iron is used, but it’s less practical. The wood has to be water resistant and not smell of any glue and such. The roof has to be insulated to avoid leaking and rotting. The indoor house can be without insulation.

Do not opt for concrete blocks as they are a hassle to deal with. They will always be damp and impossible to clean or disinfect. Metal houses will be very cold in winter. Fiberglass ones are easy to deal with but are very expensive. Don’t overdo it; just opt for materials that already work fine.

Since you don’t want to be buying or constructing the dog house every other year, plus your dog will want to feel reassured in their ‘point of control’, do invest in qualitative materials, be it plastic or wood, for it to hold against the dog rummaging in it, weather conditions and just aging.

Air ventilation

Cute Dog House

Is the key feature that is directly linked to your dog’s feeling of comfort inside its dog house. The air will circulate depending on how it enters the house. You will need to consider several options of ensuring proper ventilation in the doggie house.

Remember that hot air always aims up while cool air remains closer to the ground. The dog house door has to be just enough for the dog to comfortably enter its house. Don’t overdo with windows and holes. Create nickel-sized at the top of the dog house sides for air to circulate better but don’t get excited to avoid drafts. 

Quickly greased and soiled

As we’ve mentioned above: go for regular materials. Plastic is the easiest to clean, although the wood is easy to maintain, too. See if the dog house has options of opening one of its sections fully up to ease the cleaning process. Either way, there should be a comfortable way for you to do it so mind the schematics. 

The cleaning process is a no-brainer, so don’t worry about it. Just take the hose, dampen the house, sprinkle with baking soda. Scrub all of the corners and sides with a toilet bowl brush and rinse it with the hose. You can buy a disinfectant or use a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar: water, rinse the insides, dry them clean and viola!


Of course, insulation matters when it comes to keeping the dog house dry and durable for a long period. It is also necessary to keep the dog house properly ventilated and the doggie comfortable. However, depending on how naughty or sociable your doggie is, insulation may help with soundproofing, too.

The dog house can be fully insulated, as long as it has enough openings for decent air circulation. Insulating liquids, VET, waterproof sound panels, sound barriers, and such may be used to both insulate and enhance soundproofing if your dog tends to get noisy. Mind these nuances while checking or building a dog house.

Natural materials

Natural doesn’t equal practical. The main focus points while choosing or evaluating dog house materials is their longevity, practicality, and comfort-inducing characteristics. Indoor/outdoor location impacts the choice a lot but, either way, the materials have to be sturdy, durable, and non-toxic.

Remember that ordinary, non-prepared, natural materials may crumble away quickly during freezing weather. On the other hand, if they are soaked with too much constructing liquids, they can excrete toxins during very hot weather. The dog house material has to be proofed but suitable for living inside its walls. 

Better durability

We’re not set on talking you out of building your DIY dog house. If you’re set on doing it out of principle, then go for it. However, building a decent house for your dog in its DIY version will not save you that much, and it will require much effort and time to assemble correctly, which you could have spent on work or some other activity.

Ready-made dog houses save you time, money, and health because choosing for proper schematic, proper materials, and proper assembly is a lot of stress. Dog housing brands are specialists in what they do; their options have been created with the dogs’ interests in mind and tested. They are safer and more thought-through, so just let it go and let the pros do their job.


Depending on the needs and the size of your dog, keep in mind that transporting a dog house can become an issue. Notably, a medium-sized dog house simply won’t fit into an average passenger car. Mind the size and weight and the necessity to transport the dog house to choose the right option. Remember that the dog house has to keep the dog from being thrown around inside during transportation, too, so space has to be optimal and safe.

Assembly required

If you’re not good at crafts and visualizing, you may need help from a specialist to assemble the dog house for you. If you opt for a DIY version and the hardware store is not close by, then you will spend additional costs on gas just getting there. Be mindful and rational about such moments. 

Porches, windows, doors

There are no boundaries to perfection. If you want to, you may buy or create a real ‘house’ for your dog with different architectural decisions. Just remember that any additional space or openings will impact ventilation and heat conditions, you want any drafts or your dog being cold.

We hope that you’ve found our friendly guides for choosing a dog house useful. Be sure to leave us a comment and share your stories or tips and tricks about choosing the right house for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to place a house for a dog house?
A house for a dog is a place where a pet should feel safe. To place a dog's place is necessary so that on the one hand, it was a secluded corner of the apartment, away from the ways of frequent movement of household members. At the same time, most dogs feel uncomfortable if they can’t observe what is happening in the apartment, so arrange the house so that the pet provides the necessary overview. Do not put the dog "place" near the batteries, electrical appliances, at the entrance door and next to the balcony. To protect your pet even more - give preference to igloo dog house. This product is almost completely closed, which allows you to feel the pet 100% secure its place.
How to accustom a dog to a house?
Say you have just brought a puppy to your house, found a nice dog house for sale, and now need to teach the pup it would be his place in your house. Each time, as soon as the puppy eats, plays enough and starts to sleep in the corner he likes, take it to the house and say: "Place". He will try to escape, but you will repeat your actions again. Stroke it when the puppy calms down. Remember that the place for a dog is its "inviolable" zone. An adult dog should as a rule easy to accustom to this item. Do not drag the pet to the house forcibly - the dog needs time to get used to the new "place." In case the dog categorically refuses to settle in the house, think - perhaps it is in the wrong place, has an uncomfortable design or irritating the dog's skin material.
Where to buy a house for your little friend?
You can buy it at a pet store, but the choice there is usually limited. Online stores offer a richer assortment of the dog house for sale. You can also order the item you liked on the manufacturer's website. Those who want to have an exclusive thing can buy a house made to order. There is another option - to buy a thing that was in use, but keep in mind that this house must be thoroughly disinfected and treated from parasites before inviting a dog to it. If you are a happy owner of this product for your small friend then you have a number of advantages in comparison with those dog owners who keep their animals in an open space. You will feel much better, knowing that your dog has a reliable warm place for winter.
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