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Keep your dog safe and protected while limiting its ability to roam freely. The problem for many owners of big dogs is that you cannot keep them inside the house. Leaving them in the yard on their own can be even more problematic. This is why many search for dog kennels for sale. Many animals tend to jump over fences and scary people in the neighborhood. Even if your doggo is the most handsome and kind good boy out there, people might be afraid of it.

We decided to take a closer look at many options of dog kennels that are available in the market. Some are quite good. Others may be less robust and reliable, but have a nice price tag that compensates for the lack of superb quality. Read more about top dog kennels that you can buy for the money.

Top Choice Dog Kennel: MidWest Kennel Pets

Best Overall
MidWest iCrate Dog Kennel
MidWest Dog Kennel
Durable Large Dog Kennel From Robust Alloy
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  • Cages have different sizes from 18 inches to 48 inches;
  • Double, single, and painted single doors;
  • You can buy soft beds and covers;
  • Very durable.
  • Doesn’t shield from bad weather
  • You’ll have to wash the bedding often
  • Not quite suitable for transportation

This is a nice outdoor dog kennel that can be used in various environments. It is mobile and compact which makes it quite handy for any owner. Amongst outside dog kennels, this one stands out as a great variation of a modern ergonomic solution. It can be folded when needed. It has two doors to make it easier for an animal to get in and out. All in all, this is a superior option to many other models considering the price and benefits.

Other dog kennels for sale are made of less robust alloys, and the construction often fails to endure even relatively light bumps from a big animal. MidWest’s large dog kennel is crafted using sturdy metals and alloys. It is a very strong case that withstands various forms of damage. Neither your dog nor yourself will be able to break the cage easily.

The price may seem high, yet it is justified by the quality and ergonomics of this product. Paying for dog kennels over fair price (depends on where you purchase it) can hurt your wallet quite a bit. However, this is the best possible combination of quality and price. Thousands of buyers agree with this. It won’t be difficult to find hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials from American and European buyers.

It’s a double-door cage with bolts and clippers, which is meant to be easily assembled and disassembled, so it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes or so while putting it together. MidWest Dog Kennel hasn’t any harmful materials that can be of any threat to your dog. It’s made of prepped metal that it weather resistant.

You shouldn’t have any problems cleaning this kennel. One of the side doors easily opens with a bolt. The doggie goes out for a walk while you take a sponge and a hose or a bucket of water, some soda; five minutes and you’re done. Just let it dry off fully before letting the dog inside. MidWest Dog Kennel has good ventilation but no shielding from sun or rain, so keep that in mind.

Why Is MidWest Dog Kennel the Best?

The combination of sturdiness, compactness, and handiness makes this product stand out. Multiple customization options exist. You can buy a special soft pad and warm beds. Add a waterproof cover to make it like a true home for your dear four-legged pal. The only downside of these dog kennels is that it is more expensive than average models.

Runner-Up: LUCKUP Heavy Dog Kennel

Runner Up
LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage
LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Kennel
Robust Dog Kennel With Thick Metal Bars To Sustain Any Mechanical Damage
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  • An extremely robust construction;
  • Comes in black and gray;
  • You can choose from two sizes: 38 and 42 inches;
  • Rotates, has two doors, and resists any mechanical damage.
  • Very pricy
  • Not suitable as a dwelling
  • Doesn’t shield from bad weather

This model has the highest price of all featured items. Dog kennels should be sturdy. If you live in a region where strong winds and rains are a normal thing, buying a durable large dog kennel is quite important. You can get one of those regular Lowes dog kennels, but if you need additional protection and safety, get LUCKUP.

It has a very appealing look, as well is it is safe. There is good ventilation present since it is made of bars that allow easy air circulation. In Luckup heavy kennel bar material has nothing harmful for your dog: the bars are made from corrosion- and rust-resistant steel, perfect for withstanding any bad weather conditions or shock.

Made of strong thick metal bars, this cage is created to not only lock up your dog. Heavy LUCKUP Kennel is not one of the indoor dog kennels. This product is a special cage that withstands a hit of a falling tree branch. LUCKUP may even be sturdy enough to sustain a hit from a truck. It is one of the best large dog kennels that you can get. The reliability is also 11/10. Buy this dog kennel for life!

The real problem with this model is the price. Robustness and thick metal bars come at a high price. Overpriced and massive, this dog kennel may not suit the vast majority of consumers.

Should You Get It?

The price tag is scary. This is a purchase that should be thoroughly thought out. If you need extra protection for your canine friend, buy the LUCKUP product. Do not forget that you will need beds, covers, and other accessories. They are not included in the offer.

Best Budget Dog Kennel: Petco Premium 2-door

Best Budget Choice
Petco Premium 2-door Dog Kennel
Petco Premium 2-door Dog Kennel
Sturdy Collapsable Dog Kennel With 2 Doors
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  • The cage has two separate doors;
  • It can be collapsed for easy transportation;
  • The finish looks impressive and gives it an upscale look;
  • There are six sizes to choose from.
  • Dog can figure out how to undo the hooks that hold the kennel side
  • Dog can open the latches to its door
  • The door is a bit weak

If you are looking for cheap dog kennels, do not look further than this model. An X-large size comes at a handsome price. Its dimensions are 42 x 28 x 30 inches and it weighs 39.6 pounds. This sounds like a good deal, and it is. The cage is made of sturdy thin steel bras and will easily accommodate a medium or large dog without causing it any discomfort. Petco Premium dog kennel can be equipped with beds, covers, and other accessories if needed.

It isn’t really shielded from any bad weather conditions, so be mindful of that. It is greatly ventilated, though, thanks to its sides being made of bars that let air pass through freely. The assembly process will take you a couple of minutes while clasping the latches so that it won’t be a problem. The metal bars of this premium kennel prepped against rusting and corrosion like any petco product, and the dog kennel doesn’t have any harmful materials in its construction to be of danger to your best friend, the dog.

Despite its low price, this 2-door kennel is very robust and can be considered one of the best of featured outside dog kennels. It has enough strength to withstand constant bumps. Amongst professional dog kennels for sale, this one stands out due to its price and good quality.

Do not get deceived by the thickness of metal bars. They are very sturdy. The 2-door design allows for more mobility and freedom. It makes the dog kennel more versatile. You can position it in the corner of a fenced territory to let your dog out in one of two directions.

Is Petco Premium dog kennel Good?

For its price, yes. While this is not the best dog kennel for sale, Petco certainly is the cheapest of high-quality models. Reviews from non-professionals are quite good. Many shelters and professional breeders also use these highly durable and reliable outdoor dog kennels.

Best Large Dog Kennel: Lucky Kennel

Best Kennel for Large dogs
Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel
Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel
Spacy Dog Kennel With Tent and Accessories for Ultimate Pet Comfort
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  • There are three sizes to choose from;
  • The raised enclosure allows for easier cleaning;
  • You can assemble it without tools.
  • Extremely expensive
  • Not good for transporting
  • Doesn’t have a tray on the bottom

A very simple yet effective design of these outside dog kennels puts this model ahead of the competition. If you need more than a house for your pet, purchase this kennel. Equipped with a waterproof tent, the Lucky dog kennel offers much more space for an animal to run and play. Welded wire is a robust option and provides enough reliability.

At the same time, the price is quite inviting. The whole package includes a high fence, cover, and flooring pads if you need them. It is a great purchase for owners who want to give their pets as much comfort as possible. That price seems quite justified if you also consider its dimensions: 8 x 4 x 6 feet. It is a dog kennel where your pet can actually dwell. Lucky Dog has great ventilation thanks to metal bars and it also has a cover to shield your doggie from rain or sunlight. It is also made of rust-resistant steel, which means it has good durability, longevity and is harmless for your dog. 

The upscale appearance of the cage allows it to blend in with the landscape seamlessly. Lucky Dog Kennel is much better than most of outdoor dog kennels and other items that you can get in regular hardware stores. The assembling process is very simple. You won’t need any specialized tools to install the cage. But Lucky Kennel is quite large so you will need 25-30 minutes to screw all those screws and clasp everything that comes with it; nothing complicated, just a lot. 

Is It Worth the Money?

Yes, it does. It is a large sturdy construction. The cover protects your canine pal from the rain. There is enough space inside to run and play even for large dog like mastiff or German Shepherd.

Best Portable dog Kennel: SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

Best Portable Kennel
SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Travel Dog Crate
SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Travel Dog
Plastic Kennel With Rollers And 2 Dishes For Travelling
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  • The design is approved by the IATA Airline;
  • The cage is equipped with 2 dishes, four stickers (“live animal”), and a lock;
  • There are special tie down holes in the bottom.
  • Pricy
  • Wheels are flimsy
  • There are ridges on the bottom so a thick pad is needed

This is one of the most versatile and useful large dog kennels out there. SportPet Dog Kennel is very robust design, special slots for food holders, locks on the door, and rollers with stops. If you need to travel and take your pet with you, this is the best solution. However, those searching for cheap dog kennels should definitely consider more affordable options.

The SportPet model’s price is fair enough. It is a premium solution for pet owners who do not like compromises when it comes to quality. The cage is very durable. It protects your dog from harm and keeps it away from people who may be bitten.

It has various sizes with this particular one’s dimensions being 35” L x 24” W x 27” H. This Travel Dog Kennel has really nice ventilation since it has a wired door and ridges on the sides and the bottom for air to circulate through. You shouldn’t meet any difficulties with assembling it: in a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to clasp the two parts together, clasp the grates and viola! The plastic is very sturdy and designed to withstand shock during travel, and the bars are rust-resistant metal.

Should You Purchase It?

This depends on how often you travel. This is a great way to transport a large dog without any hassles. However, if you spend most of your time at home, you may think about allocating nearly three hundred bucks differently.

Best 10 x 10 Outdoor Dog Kennel: Lucky Dog Heavy Duty Outdoor

Best 10x10 Dog Kennel
10x10 Dog Kennel
Lucky Dog Large Outdoor Kennel
Outdoor Chain Link Dog Kennel & Waterproof Roof Cover
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  • Roof coat makes the kennel suitable for rainy weather
  • The kennel is spacy for different dog sizes
  • Durable materials will last for long
  • Some might find the chain-link complicated to set up
  • The kennel will not keep your pet safe from too cold or too hot weather

Lucky Dog kennel is available in two configurations: 10×10 foot or 5×15 foot. 10×10 configuration gives 100 square feet of space, which is perfect for such dogs as American cocker spaniels and Lakeland terrier. 5×15 kennel creates 75 square feet, which is more suitable for some smaller breeds like Bull terriers or Welsh Corgis.

Both kennels are constructed of durable steel frame and galvanized chain link providing a high level of safety for your dog. Also, these pet kennels are packaged with a waterproof roof cover that allows using kennels for any weather. One person can quickly assemble this dog kennel for less than one hour using only a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

Chain link as the central part of the construction does not hinder the natural ventilation process but will not secure your pet from the strong wind as well. This pet kennel has one door, and you can use a reliable lock to ensure the dog will not open it. The Lucky Dog kennel also features raised legs, which provide easy access to the kennel to keep it clean. The kennel will last for years thanks to the durable materials which are water and corrosion-resistant.

Best Kennel For Small Dogs: Midwest Foldable

Best Small Dogs Kennel
Best Small Dog Kennel
Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Kennel
Includes 8 ground anchors for outdoor use, 8 corner stabilizers and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly, 24"W x 30"H
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  • Various configurations of size and color
  • Easy setup, no tools needed
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The space of 16 square feet might be insufficient for some big dogs
  • Outdoor use is limited with good weather because the exercise pen does not feature any roof

Exercise Pen gives you an excellent opportunity to create a safe and fun space for your dog, either indoor or outdoor. There are several configurations for this dog kennel. This kennel is presented in various sizes, such as 24×24, 30×24, 36×24, 42×24, and 48×24 inches, where 24 inches is the width and the variable is height. In such a way, an exercise pen will be suitable for different breeds, including Pugs for 24×24, West Highland white terrier for 30×30, Sussex spaniel dog for 36×24, Welsh terrier for 42×24, and Siberian husky for 48×24. What is more, you can choose a configuration with or without doors.

The latter might be great for small dogs which you can easily put in and out of the kennel by yourself. Additionally, this outdoor kennel pen comes in various colors, such as black, blue, pink, and gold zinc. All configurations include a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Assembling process does not require any additional tools and might take around 20-30 minutes. There are eight panels which should be assembled with eight corner stabilizers and four thumb-snaps. Also, there are eight ground anchors packaged for the outdoor use of the dog kennel.

Durable materials such as black e-coat finish keep the pet kennel safe from the rust, and outdoor elements for a long time. Both versions with and without doors can be quickly cleaned because the dog kennel is easy to move. Also, you can disassemble one or several panels and enter the area to clean it up.

Extra Large Dog Kennel For Few Dogs

Giantex Large Outdoor Dog Kennel + Roof
Best Amazon Dog Kennel
Giantex Dog Kennel
Featuring galvanized kennel, it is protective and takes shape a coat that resist rust, corrosion and fading so that the kennel is weatherproof and of great durability.
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  • Large area for dog exercise and training
  • Weather-resistant and anti-UV
  • The kennel can be expanded with additional kennels
  • Chain link should be attached to the metallic panels
  • Only a standard configuration

PawHUt dog kennel is perfect for large dogs or several medium dogs to keep them fun and safe in their private area. The kennel will be perfect for Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, as well as for Icelandic sheepdogs and Horgis. The pet kennel comes in the single configuration of 10x10x6 foot, but it can be expanded with additional kennels if needed. The chain link should be attached to the panels when assembling the kennel so that the entire assembling process might take up to one hour.

You should have a pair of pliers and a screwdriver to set up the dog kennel. As a result, your dog will enjoy a large and safe space outdoors. The pet kennel is made of durable materials, including galvanized steel and anti-UV fabric used for the roof coat. In such a way, the dog kennel is suitable for different types of weather, even rainy or super hot. Chain link provides natural ventilation, and the door gives easy access to the kennel. Cleaning this dog kennel is easy because the metallic bottom bars do not hinder clearing out space. The kennel is stable and weather-resistant, so it will serve you for years.

Best Covered Dog Kennel: Pupzo Welded

Best Covered Dog Kennel
best covered dog kennel
Pupzo Welded Wire Dog Kennel
Outdoor Heavy Duty Pet Kennel with UV Protection and Waterproof Trap
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  • Strong and stable construction
  • Additional small door for food and water
  • HIgh protection from UV and rain/snow
  • Two-year warranty
  • Cannot be expanded with additional kennels
  • No configuration for large dogs

Pupzo dog kennel is a perfect choice to keep small and medium dogs outdoors, providing them with safety, space, and comfort. The kennel comes in four configurations, such as 5.5′ H x 4’L x 4’W, 6.8′ H x 4’L x 4’W, 6.8′ H x 8’L x 4’W, and 6.8’H x 6’L x 6’W. The smallest variant is perfect for small dogs like Maltese and Boston terriers, while the largest kennel is recommended for medium dogs, including Collie, Bulldog, or Dalmatian. The pet kennel is suitable for various types of weather because it provides high-level resistance to the weather conditions.

Dog Kennel roof coat is made of heavy-duty anti-UV waterproof fabric. Speaking of comfort, this dog kennel features one large reversible door for entering the area and one small door at the bottom where two bowls for water and food are attached. The panels are made of durable stainless steel creating a strong structure without sharp edges. The pet kennel is easy to set up because all the modular panels are pre-assembled. You don’t need any additional tools, and the assembling process might take between 15 to 30 minutes. The welds provide natural ventilation in the area. Also, the construction creates no hindrances on the ground, which makes it easy to clean.

Who Should Buy Outdoor Dog Kennels

Outdoor Kennel For Large DogLarge dogs may be troublesome. A big dog can easily hop over a fence and start running around the neighborhood. Ruined gardens, scared children, and even bitten people will bring a lot of headache to an owner. This is why many who adopt big animals search for outdoor dog kennels for sale. You may rent one, but it is a temporary solution that rarely suits your needs.

Smaller animals may cause some problems too. You want to protect them from the hazards of the modern urban environment. Consider purchasing one of the indoor dog kennels that can be quite useful as accommodation for in-house animals. Indoor dog crates are usually compact and less sturdy compared to outdoor dog kennels, but they still limit your four-legged friend from wondering around.

Portable dog kennels are handy for frequently traveling people with pets. There are small portable dog kennels for tiny canines and big portable dog kennels such as one from SportPet. Choose a suitable model based on the frequency of your trips and the size of your dog. If you live in the suburbs or a town, you will most likely need an outdoor kennel for a large dog.

Important Features to Consider

Large Dog Kennel

There are many aspects of a dog kennel for sale that you must take into consideration. While most of the models in the market have good quality, there are differences in both design and utility that may be important to you. Always think of the following when choosing a suitable option:


Most models have up to 6-7 sizes to choose from. Not only the size of your dog determines which dog cage is best. An energetic animal will need slightly more space in a kennel to feel comfortable. But do remember about the purpose the kennel is to serve: whether it’s just for some chill/discipline/carrying time or a dwelling condition.

If it’s just about transporting your dog or using it to chill, then your dog’s size plus 3-5 inches would do. If it’s more of a permanent place for it to live, then it’s a whole different story. Let’s just make it clear that nobody in their right mind is going to keep a chihuahua or a spaniel in a kennel to live.

When it comes to outdoor dog kennels that are meant as a dwelling for your best friend, then the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends that owners opt for either of two options: 5 feet by 15 feet or 10 feet by 10 feet. The bigger, the better here really does work. You dog should feel exercised, free, and comfortable


While we all want the best possible option, saving money is also important. Make sure that you get the product with the best price/quality ratio. Obviously, the price will vary, depending on the brand, material, size, and any additional features. On Amazon, the prices for dog kennels range from $45 to $440, so it’s your pick

Don’t be stingy when it comes to dog kennels, whether it be crates or cages. It is about your dog’s good mood and good health, as well as happiness, which is why you have to pick an option that is not only suitable for your pocket but will also suit your dog’s needs for comfort and energy spending. Be considerate.

Budget dog kennel


We share much about what’s really inside the anonymous, umbrella terms for ingredients in commercial dry dog food and there ain’t nothing good in there. The same goes for any product, including dog kennels. Do avoid brands that don’t provide a full gondola, describing their product, including the material from which it is made specifically.

The material used for the dog kennel matters for many reasons. Among others, it should be safe for the dog, keep it safely inside, be sturdy and have high longevity. Otherwise, it may get easily broken, or rust/get spoiled quickly. Prepped wired kennels should last for years to come and be weather resistant.


Welded wire, plastic, metal bars, plastic wrapped wire — each option has its own merits. Metal bars are usually the sturdiest but cost a lot. Dog kennels made of wire are generally cheaper. Again, the conditions and needs matter when considering the form and constituency of your dog kennel.

Protection from rust, ergonomics and harmony matter here. Dog kennels are predominantly made of heavy-duty material, like galvanized steel or stainless steel, as well as plastic. Average metal bars will simply start to rust quickly unless you prep them additionally and cheap plastic will either crack or break after several uses or during some sort of shock. 

Travel compliancy

Every carrier has distinct requirements for carrying animals, including dogs. Usually, the dogs size plus 3 inches in a plastic dog crate with a wired door should do but be sure to always check with the carrier about the conditions of taking your dog abroad with your or in the cargo section. 

There are special conditions for the types of dogs and their transportation means, like dog  kennels. Do remember that such items have to be comfy and enough just to transport the dog without letting it rummage inside it. The dog has to be safely placed and constrained inside the dog kennel during travel to avoid it getting injured. 


You won’t be able to avoid the assembly step if you decide to buy an outdoor dog kennel so be sure you’re prepared for it. You will need a tool kit that will include screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, and other instruments. Ask a specialist to help if you’re not very good at such things. The kennel also has to be easily disassembled for relocation purposes, so do mind that


Although your dog doesn’t really know what beautiful means, you, on the other hand, surely do. While choosing the dog kennel, be considerate regarding where you’ll put it, how it’ll go with the exterior or the interior and its overall aesthetic characteristics – nobody wants an ugly kennel sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Do I Need to Buy Accessories with Dog Kennels?

Yes. You need special bowls, covers, beds, and additional plastic pads to make sure that your dog feels ok in outdoor dog kennels for sale. A waterproof cover is a must. Leaving your dog in the rain is cruel. Imagine if you had to sit under a heavy rain without a roof over your head!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Dog Feel Comfortable in a Cage?
This is a question that bothers many buyers of cheap dog kennels. At first, your animal may feel anxious and bark. The adaptation period usually takes less than 2-3 days. It depends on the character of your pet and its behavioral patterns. Some puppies get used to sitting in a large dog kennel quickly.
Should I Get a Large Outdoor Dog Kennel or an Indoor One?
This depends on the neighborhood and your living conditions. Some pet owners will gladly leave their dogs inside the house in a robust, compact cage. However, for people with smaller homes, a large outdoor dog kennel is the best solution. Again, it depends on your housing situation and how your dog behaves.
Are All Portable Dog Kennels Approved by Airlines?
No. You should always consult with specialists from an airline to determine whether your portable cage suites safety requirements of an airline. A mobile dog kennel that is approved usually has a special notification in the description to let you know that you can use to transport your dog by air.
Do I Need to Buy Accessories with Dog Kennels?
Yes. You need special bowls, covers, beds, and additional plastic pads to make sure that your dog feels ok in outdoor dog kennels for sale. A waterproof cover is a must. Leaving your dog in the rain is cruel. Imagine if you had to sit under a heavy rain without a roof over your head!
Will My Dog Feel Comfortable in a Cage?
This is a question that bothers many buyers of cheap dog kennels. At first, your animal may feel anxious and bark. The adaptation period usually takes less than 2-3 days. It depends on the character of your pet and its behavioral patterns. Some puppies get used to sitting in a large dog kennel quickly.
Should I Get a Large Outdoor Dog Kennel or an Indoor One?
This depends on the neighborhood and your living conditions. Some pet owners will gladly leave their dogs inside the house in a robust, compact cage. However, for people with smaller homes, a large outdoor dog kennel is the best solution. Again, it depends on your housing situation and how your dog behaves.
Are All Portable Dog Kennels Approved by Airlines?
No. You should always consult with specialists from an airline to determine whether your portable cage suites safety requirements of an airline. A mobile dog kennel that is approved usually has a special notification in the description to let you know that you can use to transport your dog by air.
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