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Heated Dog Houses (Review)

December 19, 2019

If you live in an area with cold winters, the heated dog house would be the perfect solution for you. Unfortunately, there aren’t many such options. And to be fair, most of them are not of good quality. We have found only one heated dog house that will be suitable for harsh weather and can keep your pup warm.

The good news is that there are insulated dog houses you can enhance with heaters. We’ve picked out the best options of both dog houses and heated dog pads and created kits that will work perfectly. Also, we’ve found suitable additional dog heaters and heated water bowls so that you can guarantee that your puppy won’t be cold in the winter.

We will begin with kits of dog houses and pads and then switch to bowls and heaters.

Best Heated Dog House Set: ASL Solution

Best Heated Dog House Set: ASL Solution

  • Heated and raised floor
  • Insulated panels
  • Self-closing insulated door
  • Suitable for large breeds
  • Easy to put together
  • Requires additional hardware
  • Some dogs might feel uncomfortable with the door
  • Doesn’t seem very durable

This ASL Solutions heated dog house is made of plastic insulated panels and features a heated raised floor. It can keep your dog warm even when it’s 20F outside. However, we suppose it will work better for long-coated breeds like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. Short-coated pups like Staffordshire Terriers might feel a bit chilly in this heated house if the temperature is too low. So if your dog doesn’t have a warm coat, you should opt for additional heaters you will find in this review.

The door is also insulated and closes as soon as your dog passes through it. Although if your pup doesn’t like staying in the confined space, you might want to remove one of the parts or the whole door. It will make this dog house less warm, but your puppy will feel more confident about staying inside. Also, it’s quite likely that you will need to teach your dog to pass through this door.

Buyers report that there are not enough screws in the package, so be ready to get additional hardware.

Overall, it is the best-heated dog house set for your furry friend.

Best Heated Dog House Kits

Best Heated Dog House Kits

Best Heated Dog House Set: Indigo + K&H Outdoor Heated Pad

The igloo-like design of Indigo allows this dog house to keep more warmth in the cold wintertime. The raised floor and side moats will protect the insides from moisture and prevent the growth of bacteria. If you need to clean the insides or change the pad, you can simply take off the top part that clips to the bottom panel.

This Indigo Dog House goes well with K&H Pet Pad:

  • The pad turns on and off automatically
  • Igloo design keeps warmth inside
  • Raised floor
  • Side moats to protect the dog from moisture
  • Easy to put together and clean
  • The pad is too small for the extra-large house
  • Chewers will destroy the igloo
  • Some dogs don’t want to go inside

This heated dog house comes in three sizes. The measurements of the medium size are 37.5″ x 30.5″ x 22.8″, and it’s suitable for pups from 25 to 50 lbs like Beagles, Shiba Inus, and Corgis. The large size is 43.8″ x 34″ x 25.8″ and will be great for dogs from 50 to 90 lbs – for example, German Shepherds and Labradors. The biggers extra large igloo is 51.5″ x 39.3″ x 30″ and will accommodate pups up to 124 lbs. Thus, it will be suitable even for Briards and Bullmastiffs.

The heated pad is 22.5 X 28.5 inches, so you might want to get a couple of those for the extra-large dog house to create the best heated dog house set.

Wooden Heated Dog House Kit: Petmate Extreme + Heated Waterproof Dog Pad

Petmale Extreme is a simple wooden house that very sturdy and quite durable. It looks great and features a raised floor. The feet of this heated house is adjustable so that you can balance it out to fit any surface. The slanted asphalt roof and protective coating on walls will protect the pup from rain, snow, and wind.

This Precision House goes Well with Electronic Heated Dog Pad:

  • The house is easy to assemble
  • Waterproof roof and walls
  • The house comes in three sizes
  • The pad comes in two sizes
  • You can control the temperature
  • The floor is too thin
  • Dogs can chew on wood
  • Large dogs might need two pads

This wooden dog house is easy to assemble, so you won’t have any issues with that. It comes in three sizes – from small to large. The large size will be suitable for breeds like Golden Retrievers, Huskies, and German Shepherds. There are plastic flaps that will help to keep warmth inside, but you can take them off.

The heated dog pad comes in two sizes – 19.7”x15.8” and 29.5”x17.7”. There is a temperature regulator that offers six levels allowing to adjust the heating. Also, the regulator features a timer button you can use to set the time when you want the pad to turn off. The cord is protected from chewing so that your dog stays safe.

Elevated Heated Kit for Dogs: A4Pet Dogie House + Homello Electric Heating Mat

This elevated dog house from A4Pet Dogie House is quite good-looking and durable. The manufacturer promises to replace the product if it breaks within one year after the purchase. This dog house is very easy to assemble. And to put the heating pad or clean the insides, you just need to open the roof.

The raised floor and waterproof walls and roof will keep your pup protected from moisture. However, note that the floor has gaps to allow the airflow in summer. So even if you don’t feel the need to get a heating pad, you should cover the floor with something in colder days.

This Elevated Dog House goes great with Homello heating Mat:

  • The house is easy to put together
  • Waterproof roof and raised floor
  • Both the house and mat come in three sizes
  • The house is suitable for large dogs
  • The pad is durable and waterproof
  • The floor has gaps
  • Some dogs can destroy the pad
  • The mat doesn’t get very warm

Heated Insulated Dog Set:

A4Pet comes in three sizes – from small to large. The biggest size is 45.6″ X 31″ X 32.7″ and will accommodate large breeds like Boxers, Bull Terriers, or Belgian Malinois. When it comes to weight, the floor can bear up to 130 lbs.

The heating dog mat comes with a regulator that allows adjusting the temperature. The pad and the cord are quite tough, waterproof, and chew-resistant. And with power-off protection temperature control, you can be sure the pad doesn’t overheat.

Climate Master + Sable Extra Large Heating Pad

This insulated dog house made by Climate Master is suitable for large breeds like Goldens, Labradors, German Shepherds, and other pups of a similar size. It can handle up to 106 lbs of weight and is quite durable and sturdy. You can put together ClimateMaster in minutes since the construction is rather simple.

The walk-through door closes once the dog passes through it and keeps warmth inside. However, not all pups like to be in the confined space, so you might want to take at least one part of the door off. The roof is waterproof and easy to remove to place the heated dog pad or clean the insides. And the floor is raised to keep your pup away from moisture and cold.

This Insulated House for Dogs goes great with Extra Large Heating Pad – Sable

  • Suitable for large breeds
  • The house is easy to put together
  • Waterproof and removable roof
  • The pad comes with a controller
  • The mat is suitable for washing machines
  • Some dog won’t like the door
  • The mat is not bite-proof
  • The pad should be air-dried only

The heating dog pad is initially meant for humans, not for dogs. But it will work great for your pup as well. The mat is very large – 33.46 x 17.72 inches. Also, it is flexible and soft, so that your dog feels extra comfy in its house. The regulator features 10 heating modes and a timer that allows you to set the time for the pad to turn off. You can wash this mat in the washing machine.

Heated Dog Set: Petsfit + Ultra-Wide Heating Pad

Petsfit dog house comes in three sizes from small to large. The outer measurements of the biggest option are 45.6 X 30.9 X 32.1 inches. It means that the large house will accommodate German Shepherds, Retrievers, Boxers, and other breeds of a similar size. This wooden house is easy to put together. Also, if you need to clean it or to replace the pad, you need to open the roof.

You can also choose between three colors and opt for the insulation kit. The kit consists of covers for the walls and floor that will make this dog house warmer and more protected from the wind. It’s a nice addition for colder days. The door opening comes with plastic flaps that will help to keep warmth inside. But you can take them off if your dog doesn’t like them.

This Heated House for Dogs goes great with Ultra-Wide Heating Pad:

  • The house is durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Waterproof roof and raised floor
  • The pad is large and soft
  • Heats quickly
  • The pad is not resistant to bites
  • Moderate heat
  • Dogs can chew on wood

The extra-wide pad is 20 X 24 inches and will be great for large breeds. It’s not made for dogs, but who said you can’t use it for your pup? The pad is made of very soft micro plush and heats extremely quickly.

Best Heated Dog Water Bowls

Best Heated Dog Water Bowls

Best Heated Dog Water Bowl: Petfactors

  • Waterproof switch
  • Light indicator
  • Large capacity
  • Elevated bottom
  • Convenient design
  • Comes only in one size
  • Only one color available
  • No standby mode

This big heated dog bowl by Petfactors can hold up to one gallon of water. Such volume relieves you from the need to refill it constantly. A bit elevated bottom will keep water further from the dirt and insects. Also, the space between this dog bowl and the cold ground will help to keep the water warmer.

The on/off switch is waterproof and has a light indicator for you to understand if the heating is working or not. This heated bowl can keep water at a temperature of 97 °F – 109 °F, reliably preventing it from freezing. The quadrangle design makes this dog bowl suitable for several pups as they will be able to drink from it simultaneously. And the cord wrapped in steel will survive if your puppy decides to chew on it.

1.5 Gallon Heated Pet Bowl: Farm Innovators

  • Very durable
  • Thermostatic control
  • Saves electric power
  • Long and chew-resistant cord
  • Keeps water warm
  • No information about the quality of the material
  • Comes only in one size
  • Doesn’t look appealing

1.5 Gallon Heated Pet Bowl is a simple yet efficient heated dog bowl with a capacity of 1.5 gallons. It features a 60-watt heater with thermostatic control. It means that Farm Innovators dog bowl will turn on and heat the water only when it’s needed staying idle most of the time. Such an approach allows you to keep your energy bill more affordable.

This heated dog bowl is very sturdy and can survive the chewing. The cord’s length is 5 feet, and it’s covered with metal protection. The heated dog bowl made of plastic, and we believe it should be safe for pets. Unfortunately, there is no information on the quality of the material. However, buyers say it is definitely durable as the product serves them for years, so we also believe them.

Heated Dog Water Bowl: Petleso

  • Made of BPA free plastic
  • Has security certificates
  • Anti-chew wire
  • Light indicator
  • Doesn’t consume much power
  • Comes only in one size and color
  • No thermostat
  • Needs to be watched over

Petleso heated dog bowl is made of BPA free plastic and is totally safe for dogs. Also, it has a security certificate. The volume is 75 oz, so you can provide your pet with water for a long time. Petleso’s power is 35 watts, so it won’t consume much energy. And the cord is resistant to chewing.

Although there is no thermostat built-in, so the heater won’t turn off automatically. It creates issues since you will have to turn this dog bowl on and off manually. Moreover, the manufacturer warns not to use it when there is no water inside. So you will have to control all the time if there is some water in the heated bowl.

Heated Pet Bowl: K&H

  • Large volume
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Energy efficient
  • Made of safe plastic
  • Has MET certificate
  • The wire won’t survive the chewing
  • Some dogs can destroy the bowl
  • Only melts ice, doesn’t make the water warm

This energy-efficient heated dog bowl by K&H uses only 25 watts yet keeps water ice-free efficiently even if it’s -20F outside. You don’t have to do anything with K&H apart from plugging it into the power outlet. The built-in thermostat will control the temperature turning the heater on and off automatically as needed.

The capacity of this heated pet bowl is 96 oz. It’s made of BPA free plastic and colored in blue. Also, K&H has the MET certificate that guarantees the safety of this product. The cord is wrapped in steel and can survive bites. However, the wire won’t survive diligent chewing. Its length is 5.5 feet, which will be quite enough to find a suitable outlet.

Heated Dog Double Bowl: Li-Him

  • Suitable for water and food
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Safety certificate
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Easy to use
  • Comes only in one size
  • Suitable only for small dogs
  • The wire is not chew-resistant

Li-Him created a heated double bowl where you can leave both food and water for your dog. Li-Him consists of the plastic stand and stainless steel bowls that are easy to take out and wash. Both bowls are not very big so that Li-Him will be suitable for smaller dogs like Yorkies, Beagles, Papillons, and other breeds of similar size.

This heated double bowl has a built-in thermostat that responds to the changes in the temperature and adapts to it to keep water and food warm yet not to consume too much energy. Li-Him is tested by MET for electrical safety standards and has a certificate that proves that this product is safe to use.

Best Dog Heaters 2020

Best Dog Heaters 2020

Space Dog Heater: Dallfoll

  • Safe to touch
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Very powerful
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Low noise
  • Shouldn’t be used all the time
  • Not safe to leave with your dog without surveillance
  • Squeaks when oscillating

This space dog heater will be perfect for keeping your pup’s house warm in winter. It is safe to touch and won’t harm your puppy. Dallfoll doesn’t make much noise, which is also useful because it won’t keep your dog alert. There is a tip-over safety switch on the bottom that will turn off the heat if the device gets knocked over.

This space heater has a built-in thermostat that can control the temperature keeping it on the set level. The highest level of heat is 1500 watt and the lowest – 750 watt. As you can see, Dallfoll is quite powerful and can make the dog house warm in no time. So even though there are different safety measures, we don’t advise leaving this space heater in your pup’s house for a long time.

Dog Heating Pad: Omorc

  • Comes in two sizes
  • Two thermostats
  • Controlled temperature
  • Evenly heated
  • Durable and soft
  • You might need two pads for a large dog house
  • The timer can be set for max 9 hours
  • Shouldn’t be used directly

Omorc heating pad is designed specifically for dogs, which means that it’s safe for our furry friends. It comes in two sizes – 17″ x 17″ and 17″ x 29.5″, so that you can pick the one suitable for your pup. Omorc has not one but two thermostats built into this heating pad. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about overheating – the mat will turn off automatically if it reaches a maximum of 131F preventing any risk of fire.

This dog pad gets heated evenly without colder and hotter spots. It’s made of extra soft yet durable material for your pup to feel comfortable. The back part is moisture-proof, and the cord is protected from bites. You can control Omorc with the attached controller.

Dog House Heater: Akoma

  • Easy to install
  • Built-in thermostat
  • 1-year warranty
  • Safe to use
  • All crucial parts are replaceable
  • The top part becomes hot quickly
  • The fan doesn’t circulate enough heat
  • It’s inconvenient to regulate the thermostat

You can mount Akoma dog heater on the wall of your pup’s house to make sure your pet doesn’t contact with it a lot. Akoma is easy to install and even easier to use. It has a built-in thermostat that adjusts the temperature from 30F to 100F, turning off when the air reaches the set temperature. Thus, this dog house heater saves a lot of power because it doesn’t work all the time. And you don’t have to supervise it.

Akoma comes with a 1-year warranty that doesn’t cover damage caused by accident, improper usage, or ordinary wear. You can also opt for a setup with a wireless remote thermometer that will help you track the temperature.

Ceramic Dog Heater: Opolar

  • Heats up quickly
  • Hard to tip over
  • Tip-over safety switch
  • Built-in thermostat
  • 1-year warranty
  • Can’t be hung on the wall
  • Not sure if it’s safe to touch the heater
  • Shouldn’t be left unsupervised

This ceramic dog heater by Opolar gains the needed temperature very quickly. Opolar is quite hard to tip over, but if it happens, the device will turn off automatically. Another safety measure is the built-in thermostat that will turn the heat off when the surrounding temperature reaches a certain level. There is no information on whether Opolar is safe to touch or not, so we don’t advise leaving it with your pup without supervision.

You can choose between two heat modes – 1500 watt is a high heat mode, and 1000 watt is a low heat one. There is a 1-year warranty for defects and a 5-year warranty in case of overheating. However, we’re not sure how does the second warranty work.

Infrared Dog Heater: Sweeter Heater

  • Safe to use
  • Won’t burn the fur
  • Comes in various sizes
  • 3-year warranty
  • Designed specifically for pets
  • Won’t give much heat
  • Can be tricky to install
  • Some products have a strong plastic smell

This infrared dog heater by Sweeter Heater will be useful if you just need to keep your dog comfortable in its house. Sweeter heater won’t provide your pup with as much warmth as generic models do. But it will make your pet feel cozy in colder days.

You can hang this infrared heater under the roof so that it stays over your puppy’s head. Try to fit it as close to the top as possible to avoid contact with the fur. However, the surface temperature of the lens is only 160-180F, so your dog won’t get burnt. This particular infrared heater is 11×16 inches, but you can find bigger sizes from this manufacturer if you need it. Also, there is a generous 3-year warranty.

Floor Dog Heater: ASL Solutions

  • Safe to use
  • No need to supervise
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in thermostat
  • Fits most dog houses
  • Doesn’t give much heat
  • Doesn’t turn off automatically
  • Requires additional items for the comfort of the dog

ASL Solutions is 40 watts floor dog heater that will keep your pup warm in its place. Its dimensions are 18L x 18W x 0.75H inches, so that it will fit most dog houses. ASL Solutions is covered with heavy rubber and is not soft. So you should place some cover over it for your puppy to feel comfortable. However, the best solution is to put this floor heater under the plywood panel or a kuranda bed. Otherwise, your pet might damage the device and get injured.

This floor dog heater has a thermostat. Although it doesn’t regulate the temperature much. It just keeps ASL Solutions at 55F, making it safe to use without supervision. If you want to turn the heater off, you need to unplug it.

How to Keep a Dog House Warm in Winter?

How to Keep a Dog House Warm in Winter?

The dog house quickly loses heat – what to do?

Obviously, if there is no insulation, the dog house will lose the heat quickly, even with a heating pad inside. Dog houses with thicker walls will keep more warmth inside than those with thin ones. However, even the thickest wood won’t save the day if there are gaps between wooden panels.

The door also makes a difference. You could see self-closing doors in some dog houses we mentioned in this review also you may check more dog houses in pet-store reviews. Such an option is a great solution for keeping as much heat inside as possible. However, if your pup is not a fan of closed spaces, you can opt for an igloo design. Such dog houses keep a lot of warmth inside, even without any doors.

But what to do if you have a classic dog house and it loses heat? The answer is simple – insulate it.

How to insulate a dog house by yourself?

If you can find suitable insulation that can be simply attached to walls – like in the case with Petsfit dog house – you will be done in a couple of minutes. However, it’s not the only option. If the dog house is made of wood, you should look for the insulation material in your local building materials store. Then install it according to the recommendations of the manufacturer that produced the insulation. Usually, it’s an easy job.

Since most materials are quite thick, we recommend installing them on the outer side of the wall of your dog’s house. Then you won’t take away the inner space.

If your pup’s house is plastic, and its walls are hollow, you can stuff them with cellulose fiber or some other material that is easy to put inside the walls. That’s also not hard to do so that you won’t need any professional help here.

Important Features to Consider

Temperature capabilities

For most dogs, the temperature above 45F is totally fine, especially if the animal is used to staying outside all the time. If you have a long-coated breed, you have nothing to worry about so far. Short-coated pups might feel a bit chilly if they’re not used to the cold.

When the temperature is below 32F, you should watch over your pet. If you see it feels cold in its house, add insulation or heaters. Temperature below 20F will require you to install heaters. Note that puppies need more warmth in their houses, while breeds that can handle cold weather without issues might feel fine if their house is only insulated.

Dog House Size and Heated Pad size

Choosing the dog heating pad always consider the size of your dog’s house. If it’s quite large, you might want to get two heated mats to keep the whole floor warm. Or you can place one pad for your dog to sleep on it. If the house is smaller, check the size of the pad and make sure it will fit the insides. Some models are very flexible, and it won’t be an issue to let such a pad run along walls. But some are very sturdy and can’t be folded.

If you’re opting for the dog heater, make sure there is enough space for it in the house. Some models can burn your dog’s fur, so we recommend using them to heat the pup’s dwelling when it’s not inside. And you can hang heaters like Akoma high enough so that they don’t bother your dog.

The amount of heat generated by the heater

A lot of dog owners are worried the heater will use a lot of energy and make their power bills significantly larger. However, all the models we’ve reviewed will not result in you paying big money for the heating in your dog’s house. Heated pads use as little as a simple light bulb does, and most of them get turned off automatically. If you’re worried that such mats won’t produce enough warmth, remember that dogs have a coat that is already keeping them warm and cozy.

If you get a heater like Opolar, keep in mind that it’s made for heating rooms. Such models can keep a large area warm. Therefore, you will need to use them just for a couple of minutes to get the dog’s house to a comfortable temperature. Don’t leave them for a long time inside unsupervised, especially if your pet is also in a dog house.