Why Does My Dog Hump Me?

It’s very embarrassing when your dog starts mounting things, other animals, and even people. Especially, those whom you don’t know well, or who don’t like dogs at all. However, it’s shameful for humans solely because we consider this behavior to be sexual. While, in most cases, it is far from that.

Main Reasons Why Dogs Hump

There are several reasons for mounting, and only one reason is related to sex. Because even desexed pups and females can mount objects, animals, and people. Most dogs show this behavior because they’re overwhelmed with emotions. But let’s take a look at each case.

Sexual Humping

That can happen only to pups that are not neutered. It’s quite easy to understand if the dog humps something or someone because it is aroused. The animal will have an erection, and it can even ejaculate if it’s using mounting as a way to masturbate. However, the erection can happen because of stress or overexcitement, too.

why dogs are humping

In this situation, you have two options. The first one will be to fix the dog, for example you can buy on of our best dog doors to close your dog or even take on of the best dog kennel, and the issue will be gone for small part of time. The second and most correct solution is to mate your pup with another. But it won’t necessarily help the situation.


The sexual tension in dogs is very similar to overexcitement that is not related to sex in any way. The pup is overwhelmed with emotions, and it tries to relax somehow. Then mounting becomes an intuitive way to shake off the overexcitement. If it’s the case with your dog, you will notice that it starts humping when it’s happy. For example, you come home or guests come to your house. 

The solution is to teach your pup to respond adequately to the trigger. For instance, guests are the trigger for mounting. Then feed – check best dog feeders 2019, and praise your pet for good and calm behavior when people come over. After several sessions, your dog will learn how to behave properly in such situations.

dog humping owner

If the overexcitement mounting happens while dogs play with each other, split them, and let them calm down. Humping can lead to the fight, so it’s your job to prevent that.


You will pay attention to your dog if it begins mounting. And be sure that your pup knows that. If you notice that it only humps if you don’t pay it enough attention, that most likely happens because of frustration.

In this case, don’t punish or even shout at your dog. Continue not paying attention to it. It’s hard because our natural response is to stop unwanted behavior. But even shouting will be that much wanted attention for your pet. So ignore it until it stops. And once pup stops humping, praise it and begin paying attention to it. Such an approach will show the dog that mounting won’t give it what it wants. And over time, this behavior will be gone.

Puppy play

Puppies under six months old often hump each other, and that’s fine. Let them do that because it’s the way they learn how to interact with each other.


Sometimes males and females try to show their dominance in front of other dogs trying to mount them. It’s a form of aggression. In this way you can keep your dog on chain or set your dog to real dog house from dog house review, but this is not the answer. If your dog does that, take it away and finish the interaction. It will be the punishment.

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